27.11.2013, Wednesday, 04:31 pm

Something way weird happened today.

As I pushed open the front door this afternoon, thoroughly exhausted after a particularly boring day at school [why do we even NEED to know powers and roots?? Do people burst in through store gates while your shopping for groceries and demand you to tell them the square root of 343??? No, I believe they DON’T], mum was at the dining table. She asked me to sit and then pushed a plate of toast smeared with peanut butter forward, gesturing for me to eat it.

Seriously. My mother wanted me to eat toast. For LUNCH. My first impulse was to laugh out, because HELLO?? Who in their right mind eats TOAST for LUNCH?? But I noticed that mum looked a bit frazzled and figured she didn’t need a crazy outburst from her equally crazy kid just then.

So obediently  ‘lunch’ and then, mum ordered me to put on my coat, so I did. Then the two of us shuffled out back into the cold end-of-November wind and hopped into this cab that was waiting for us by the sidewalk.

Kathryn was already seated inside with her eyes glued to her mobile, but when mum and I got in -and mum ordered the driver to ‘step on it’ [pretty cool for a mother, eh?]- she went, ‘Mother?? WHERE are we going?? I need to be home by eight because Pamela’s throwing this COOL party at her place and I have GOT to be there because EVERYONE is coming,’ and mum just mumbled, ‘Oh, I can assure you that where we’re going is going to be twice as fun as your friends party.’

Which probably meant that Kathryn isn’t going to make it to the bash. But I guess she didn’t get it, because she just dug her back into the seat and resumed texting her buddies.

So here I am, in the taxi, waiting to ‘see’ whatever it is mum wants to show me. I just hope it’s not something disgusting. Like a creepy exhibition where monkeys eat eyeballs for money.


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