24.11.2013, Sunday, 10:47 pm

Literary Competition News: Wait for it…[at the bottom of the post]

Well, I didn’t do it. Get the golden belt trophy at yesterday and today’s karate championship, I mean. To be honest with you, I’m not really sure whether I got it or not, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

The tournament was real bad for me. REAL bad. So bad that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore, DeDe, because I haven’t still recovered from the shock of me, ME, actually fairing so AWFULLY. I should have known. EVERYBODY else practiced for at least an hour a day while I sat in front of the telly, munching BBQ crisps.

The awards ceremony is tomorrow.

Just writing that sentence made me want to cry. Only, I NEVER cry. NEVER EVER. Except for when I think about Puffball, my darling pup who passed away when I was six. Oh, and when I feel EXTREMELY depressed.

On a WAY lighter note, [since all this unhappiness has made me feel like hanging myself]

GUESS WHAT?? I WON THE LITERARY COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO PSYCHED when I got the news that I SCREAMED. Like, SERIOUSLY. Hearing me scream is as rare as watching me cry. It’s actually quite dramatic, the way the whole thing unfolded. It happened after I came back from the competition in the afternoon, while I was trying to vent out the frustration of my MISERABLE results.

So I was busy dashing out another poem dedicated to Diet Coke when I heard my mum go, -into her new iPhone which she STILL hasn’t managed to figure out completely- ‘So… mmm hmm… yeah, so does she get her story published?? Yeah… yeah, yeah… Uh huh… so, first place, right?? Okay, thanks, buh bye’

For OBVIOUS reasons, the conversation made me want to zip over to my mum and ask her what happened at the top of my voice. Instead, like the mature -HA!- preteen that I am, I casually strolled by to her side and even MORE casually asked, ‘So, um mum?? What’s up with that writing competition that I took part in??’

It seemed like she was ignoring what I was saying -Duh. Gramma and Grandpa stopped by for lunch about twenty minutes before the fateful phone call and mum was panicking about what to make for lunch- so I repeated myself. Again. And again. AND again.

But in vain. Because mum swiftly brushed past me to the backyard, where Gramma and Grandpa were sipping lemonade. I followed her -Rule No. #1: NEVER give up- and before I could open my mouth and ask her right in the face whether or not I got through, she opened HERS and what she said next was music in my ears;

‘So, Mum and Dad, your grand daughter has just won a national level writing championship,’

That line. That simple sentence changed my life FOREVER. [Okay, maybe THAT was exaggeration, but I’ve come to realize that it’s in the blood. I’m BORN this way, sistah!]

I can’t believe it. I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The emotions that flew through me as it FINALLY registered that I’d won something this HUGE… -sure, I’ve got gold medals in national karate tournaments, but never for writing, partly because this is the first literary competition that I’ve applied to-

Oops, got to go sleep. Apparently even published authors [AT TWELVE!!!!!!!!] have to go to school on Mondays.



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