21.11.2013, Friday, 3:19 pm

Literary Competition News: Nil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stomach feels like its on a roller-coaster. My lunch is likely to come out any second now. My heart is thudding like I’m being chased by fifteen starved cannibals. My mind refuses to believe this startling piece of news.


Seriously. It should be ILLEGAL to pile up SO MUCH pressure on a defenseless twelve-year old kid.

Ugh. This is SO NOT my idea of a relaxing weekend. At all. The next two days are bound to scream ‘nerves, tension, breakdown.’ The only good thing that happened to me today was that Chantal lent me her Hunger Games copy. I have been itching to read that book, especially after I saw the first part of the movie.

Of course, the little pleasure I had from reading the first half of the novel was rubbed away when dad went, ‘The Hunger Games??’ When he saw me walking to the kitchen to grab a banana with the hardcover still clutched in my hands. ‘Yeah,’ I said, unsure about where this conversation was heading.

Of course, I should have just walked away. Well, not RUDELY, but I should have at least made some lame excuse about Greta ringing me or something, but, like the idiot that I am, I stayed put and was almost FORCED to hand over the book. Not PHYSICALLY but the way dad said it… It felt like he wanted me to give up The Hunger Games for Moby Dick.

It’s not like I DON’T like classics. Well, maybe not as much as I like reading Rafael Nadal’s autobiography. But, still, at least I don’t DOZE OFF or anything while flipping through a Dickens.

I have to go now, DeDe. Lunch is forcing itself out. [I KNEW that the bowl of ice cream wasn’t going to help things] Later!



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