20.11.2013, Wednesday, 3:37 pm

Literary Competition News: Nil

Dad ordered mum an iPhone from Flipkart [and it isn’t even her birthday!! Or Christmas!!!].  Right from the moment mum ripped off the wrapper and said, ‘Is this a picturebook?’ I KNEW that the iPhone was a bad idea.

Spent the rest of the afternoon teaching mum how to operate her new mobile. It took AGES to get her to understand how to ring someone up. Don’t even get me started on how long the “click-a-pic” lesson took. [This is why I say that the words “adult” and “technology” should never be used in the same sentence]

After about three hours [or more. I lost track after two and a half hours] of electronic tutoring, mum assured me that she knew enough about her new gadget to manage.

But she was proven otherwise when her phone beeped while she was chopping the veggies for dinner [Wednesday is home-made-food day at our home. Personally, I prefer Olive Garden], indicating that she had just received an SMS, she dropped the knife and commanded -in her scariest voice till date- ‘Someone has texted me! Taylor, quick! Grab a paper so we can copy it down!’


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