16.11.2013, Saturday, 4:30 pm

Literary Competition News: Nil

OK, so how come I’m always the one getting into major embarrassing situations wherever I go?? Take, for example, when I went to China Pearl with my parents for lunch today. We were waiting for the waiter to show up with the vegetarian dumplings, when dad spotted Mr Mustafa, his Arab colleague.

I have MET Mr M, but I wasn’t sure he remembered me that well. So, when dad went, ‘Why don’t you go over say hi to them, Taylor??’ I was a wee bit reluctant. ‘Um, dad? The last time I met him was when I was TEN. AND it was Halloween. I doubt he can recognize me without my Pumpkin Princess costume,’

But dad had made up his mind. And NO ONE [not even me, the Kathryn, the queen of doggie-eyes] can make him budge. So I grumpily pushed my chair and walked right  past the diners bent over Hakka Noodles and Hot and Sweet Soup, to Mr Mustafa and his wife, who were negotiating what to order.

‘Hey, Mr Mustafa,’ I said, waving and smiling feebly. [I was in NO MOOD to flash a dazzling smile. Not that I could, even if I wanted to. Just saying] He looked up from the menu. So did Mrs M. They smiled equally feebly.

Just then, I KNEW that coming all the way over to their table was a BAD idea. What was I THINKING???? Of COURSE he wouldn’t recognize me!

Fortunately, dad came up yo my side just as I felt like barfing all over Mrs M’s Prada handbag. ‘Skarr!’ Mr Mustafa said, getting up to shake my dad’s hand. ‘Hey, Ali. This is my daughter, Taylor,’ Dad said, pointing to me.

I grinned clumsily while Mr M exclaimed, ‘Oh yes, NOW I remember where I saw you, little girl. Halloween, 2011, right??’ I just nodded.

That’s all that happened today that’s worth noting. Oh, except for how I broke my own record of water glasses drunk per day; 23. Gawd, I am a reject.


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