15.11.2013, Friday, 3:22 pm

Literary Competition News: Nil

It was a BAD, BAD, BAD idea to bunk pattern math class yesterday AND take a trip to the mall with mum. It would’ve been OK to do wither; just ditch class or just go window-shopping with mum at Lenny centre.

So, anyway, as I was busy digging into my veg burger from McDonald’s, who do I spot but my Pattern math tutor, Miss Sanders?! I was SO shocked to see her there that I practically choked on the bread.

What else could I do?? I was SUPPOSED to be in bed with a high temperature [that’s the excuse my dad gave Miss Sanders. The FAKE reason why I didn’t show up for the lesson]. That’s SUPPOSED to be SUPPOSEDLY why I DIDN’T turn up for the Pattern Math course today!! If Miss Sanders saw me at the mall wolfing down a McAloo tikki… the rest is better left unsaid.

To cut a long story short, even though I TRIED hiding, she somehow fished me out [like one of them sharks] and even though she didn’t MENTION anything about the little white-lie, she sure looked at me particularly coldly for the rest of the evening. [Mum invited her to have lunch with us… PARENTS!!]

Anyway [recalling last evening is painful…],

I am getting sick of staring at my inbox from nine to seven o’clock every day. But, at the same time, I can’t stop. Yeah, I know that the email from the writing-contest-officials WILL turn up, but WHEN?? I want to know the results AS SOON AS it is released.

[I suffer from a disease. It’s known as Sit-in-one-place-phobia. It’s when you’re afraid of being patient, because of the side effects -like NOT knowing what’s happening immediately after it’s done- It’s pretty common…]

My parents aren’t being very supportive right now. All they say when they notice me in front of the computer is ‘Come off it, Taylor,’ instead of going, ‘Oh, honey bunch, I know you’re going to win. You’re so FAB at EVERYTHING you do!! Here, let me sit with you from dawn to dusk, mindlessly looking at your emails, like normal parents would.’

Ugh, WHY ISN’T THE EMAIL HURRYING UP?????????? I swear to Gawd, if I DON’T win this thing, I will SUE the panel of judges. The fact that I’m spending SO MUCH time anticipating the results is proof enough that I DESERVE the top prize more than anyone else.

[I bet no one else ignores the heap of homework piling up just so that they can spend extra time looking at their messages]

All this musing over the story-contest has made me COMPLETELY and TOTALLY forget about how nervous I am about the upcoming karate championship. Yeah, the one that’s in EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN’T do this. I just CAN’T. Sometimes, it feels like I shoulder all the nervousness of the world. And you know what? Sometimes, I DO.


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