14.11.2013, Thursday, 11:44 am

Literary Competition News: Nil

Bunked school because of “fluttery feeling in my chest.” Of course, that’s what mum thinks. Why I really didn’t go to school today is because… well, just because. There was no reason for me to show up at class today, so I thought, ‘What’s the worst that could happen if I ditched?’

Dad drove me to the Pattern Math class yesterday. BORING. Seriously, all we learnt is a bunch of stuff that I’m never going to use, like DIFFERENT ways to subtract and multiply.

One of the Indian guys present, Sunil was his name, stood up in the middle of the class and announced that the REAL origin of “Pattern Maths” is Indian and it is ACTUALLY known as Vedic Mathematics, but nobody wants to give credit to Indian mathematicians so they have changed its name and blah, blah, blah… [I didn’t exactly pay attention to what he was saying. I was too busy scribbling another story idea into my pad]

In the end, he got physical and flung a chair or too. Security had to haul him out. Personally, I think what he said had a point. Well, whatever I heard, anyway.

I didn’t go for the math session today. I had ENOUGH melodrama to last me a year. Dad has informed the professor that I am not well and I won’t be able to attend the course tomorrow as well. I guess he’s had enough as well.

Nothing much going around over here right now [unless the fact that Feni’s licking her rear end counts]. I’m getting so nervous about the national writing contest news. I just HOPE with all my HEART that I bag the Grand First Prize.

Well, two reasons for me to be HOPING with all my HEART that I come out tops is because a] the winner gets a Kindle eReader and b] I will be a published author at twelve!!!! [because they collect all the stories of the winners in a book… SQUEE!!!!!!]

I just can’t WAIT for the results.

I am SO going to burst from suspense. So if you hear this GIANT explosion from the other side of the world, don’t fret; it’ll just be the sound of my intestines exploding out my stomach.


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