12.11.2013, Tuesday, 3:42 pm

First day of school today after the absolutely divine vacations. It was okay. I got all of my exam results [except French] and am pleased to state that I rank in the top five students in my class. Other than that, nothing happened of much significance.

I was quite happy to be reunited with my buddies.

On a completely unrelated matter, Feni is ignoring me again. [Feni, my dog] This isn’t unexpected. Sometimes, I feel hurt by this refusal for her to be with me for more than five minutes at a stretch.

At first, I used to think it UNUSUAL that she didn’t fancy me from the beginning, because our school dog, Dixie, absolutely adores spending time with me. I know that for a fact, because when I was staying at home thanks to that bout of chicken pox, Dixie apparently used to sit next to my bench the whole recess.

-Isn’t that SWEET???-

But now, I’ve come to realize that it has NOTHING to do with her hating me. It’s because, although she has a somewhat primitive mind, she is quick enough to equal me to disaster, because whenever she gets her elbow-rash slathered with ointment [which burns… a LOT. At least I think that’s what her whimpering means] or when her you-know-what gets an injection-prick or when she is shoved out of the house to… fulfill her daily ‘duties,’ I am ALWAYS present.

I am the one who spreads the cream on her elbow, I am the one who stands by her when she gets shot in the butt and I am the one who prods her out the porch. And why do I do that?? It’s simply because I love my dog, no matter what.

Unfortunately, Feni isn’t smart enough to be able to understand my pure selflessness, so whenever she sees me around, her mind goes, Dang it, there’s that girl who ALWAYS gets trouble with her.

I don’t blame her. I mean, if got myself smeared with blistering medicine and was pushed out of the house to do my ‘business’ under the watchful eyes of the neighbors and whenever something like it happened, a girl with a weird, brown hairdo and a heck of a lot of Football jerseys was present, I’d begin to get suspicious and want to stay out of the football brunette’s way.

But, all the same, I still do feel envious of my mum, who doesn’t even need to whistle to make Feni follow her because the dog is ALREADY at her heels. Twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week. Twenty-eight/twenty-nine/thirty/thirty-one days a moth [depending on what month it is]. Three sixty five/three sixty six days a year.

And what does she do? Oh, sure, mum feeds Feni lunch and gives her treats occasionally and feeds her ice-cream twice a month. But give her her medicine [the strawberry syrup which she LOVES] and serve her dinner [with extra love every dingle day]. And what do I get in return?? A Lab who ignores me and a family who mocks me about my bad ‘paw-relationship.’

If only they knew.

P.S- Remember that national literary competition I entered and made it to the last stage?? What’s up with THAT?? I haven’t received any news. It’s not like they wouldn’t tell me if I didn’t qualify for the ‘Grand-First-Prize,’ because I know that they email everyone as soon as final decisions are made [mentioned at the rules and regulations site -yes, they have a whole WEBSITE for this competitions, a sign you should take, that signifies the LARGENESS of the whole event].


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