07.11.2013, Thursday, 11:35 pm

Spent the morning making a breakfast in bed for Kylee’s parents. Well, the toast was OK [at least it didn’t scorch your mouth when you bit it… I guess] and maybe the milk was a wee bit sour, but we can’t help it if the cows have decided to supply us with inferior quality dairy products, not can we??

I can’t say that Mr and Mrs Luis were delirious with joy when they saw what we had put up for them [who would actually be HAPPY with a platter of disgusting so-called breakfast thrust upon them in the wee hours of the morning??], but they did try to look as if they didn’t want to puke at the sight of our kitchen-masterpiece [if you consider feeble smiles and an absolutely sincere ‘Gee, you shouldn’t have,’ trying].

This has made me sit back and realize that swearing at the contestants of MasterChef Australia is NOT OK. [Even if they forgot that they put the pie in the oven and its going to be burnt to a crisp any second now]

Anyway, Kylee and I are going swimming in her Aunt Martha’s pool before lunch. We should be leaving any time now.

Just FYI, I’m writing this in the bathroom. No WAY would I risk getting caught spilling my guts out to a pad, so I decided to lock myself in the shower area and write, write, write.

Which reminds me, just this morning, before K and I began the BIB project for her parents, we crept into Edward’s bedroom and made him an apple pie bed. Serves him right for tying a ribbon on poor Genie’s tail [Genie is Kylee’s Yorkie].

>Laughs weird, evil gal laugh<

Sometimes I worry about myself, I really and truly do.


4 thoughts on “07.11.2013, Thursday, 11:35 pm

  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your posts, dude!! I feel flattered to be mentioned in such a successful site…
    Outstanding post Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya

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