06.11.2013, Wednesday, 6:34 pm

I have decided to stay on at Kylee’s anther day.

Probably because Mrs Luis’s [Kylee’s mum] baked pasta is to-die-for. And also because I’m having  a BLAST here. You see, Kylee owns this cafe thingy and we have so much fun pranking customers and messing up with their orders [thank GAWD this is a private diary. If Mrs Luis found out that we added… um, unwanted ingredients to the Olive and Spinach -YUCK!- pizzas, the consequences would be CATASTROPHIC].

I’ve got to go.

I swear, DeDe, that this is the LAST NIGHT that I’m going to sleep-over at The Luis’s. They’ve already been far to kind to me.

And that was yesterday.


2 thoughts on “06.11.2013, Wednesday, 6:34 pm

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