02.10.2013, [Lazy] Saturday, 1:29 pm

I was snooping around my elementary school backpack and here’s a snippet of a story that was scrawled into a notepad with my fuzzy-haired, big-bellied, green-inked hippopotamus pen [yes, I was always that wacky]:

CHAPTER ONE [There isn’t a name for the first chapter. It’s just CHAPTER ONE]

I noiselessly climbed atop the kitchen’s marble counter. Quietly taking down my dad’s huge, gold chocolate box [hes a chocolate addict. Totally] I slid my arm inside and pulled out the first thing my finger’s touched. It felt… hard??

Usually, dad’s chocs feel squishy because he doesn’t keep them in the refrigerator [for, if he does, he knows that Jacob [my bro] and I will hog on them. What he doesn’t know is that it take Jake and I about two seconds to figure out the “hiding place” and after that, it’s all hogging!]

So when I pulled out what I thought was candy, you can imagine my shock when, in place of a chocolate, there was a COCKROACH!!!!

I managed to shut my mouth until I stomped off to my brother;s room. THEN, i let him have it. ‘What is wrong with you??’ I screamed. He was playing some extremely violent game on his XBox. ‘What?!?? What crime have I committed NOW, squirt??’ He asked me. ‘You know VERY WELL,’ I huffed, crossing my arms.

‘I do not!’ He cried. ‘Wait a minute… Are you talking about the centipedes in your bag?’ ‘You… what?!??? JACOB I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!!!!’ I yelled, diving for him. Quickly moving aside, he ducked, causing me to crash into his bed. ‘Ouch!’ I squealed, rubbing my head. ‘Ouch!’ Jacob imitated, with a funny expression ad his high-pitched voice reserved for picking on me.

‘You’re gonna pay for this, Jacob Gilmore!!’ I assured, slamming his bedroom door. God! Why did Jake and I end up as siblings???? Rushing to my room, I quickly composed myself. Phew. Hey, I’m Megan, Megan Gilmore. My Dad’s Brian Gilmore and my Mom, she’s Stacey Welsh. My parents divorced when I was ten. I’m thirteen now, and I chose to live with my dad. My Mom is an actress, doing snazzy commercials and co-starring with George Clooney, and my dad is this top Charter Accountant who earns a billion dollars every day.

Anyway, as my mind finally calmed down, I remembered that my BFF, Samantha, invited me to her house for a slumber party. I love visiting Sammy’s place. Both her parents are interior designers and boy, don’t they know how to make one hell of a house!

I opened a ruck sack and dumped some clothes in. I also put in my purple notebook [in which I note EVERYTHING] and a DVD of the new song I recorded. Heaving the bag downstairs, O ran to my dad, told him that I was going and dashed out of the house.

FREE at LAST!!!!! NO Jacob for a couple of hours, too!! Yeah!!! HELL-O Samantha!! I leaped

Call it a weird place to end a manuscript, but that’s where I must have decided that spending my spare time scribbling into a book was OK, but munching on tapioca chips in front of the PlayStation was EVEN BETTER. [Which is the realisation that has just dawned to me. I think I’m going to go raid the snack tin and spend the rest of this glorious day doing nothing at all, if you don’t mind, DeDe. I mean, it is Lazy Saturday and all… >high fives self for coming up with such a great excuse to ditch the diary<]


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