01.11.2013, Thursday, 09:48 pm

Today is the first day of November. We are precisely two months away from 2013 2014 [seriously, this has got to be the fifth time today that I mistook this year for 2012].

Greta, one of my best buds, is coming over at around ten o’clock. I have chalked down a list of things to do today [because whenever my pals have come over in the past, all we do is walk around the house like the living dead and ask ourselves what we can do]:

Taylor Skarr’s List Of Things To Do When Greta Comes Over On The First Of November:

1] Bake a banana cake for mum [ingredients in the cookie shelf]

2] Exchange ghost stories on the hammock [it is Halloween and all…]

3] Surf YouTube for Katy Perry music videos [he ones we haven’t listened to a billion times anyway]

4] Watch a Star Trek movie marathon [complete with 3D glasses and crunchy cinema-snacks]

5] Stroll around the block

6] Accessorize Feni [my dog, DUH] with Kathryn’s sparkly bows and nail polish

7] Prank call Kylee [I STILL haven’t got her back for when she tricked me into believing that Kathryn had topped her standard two years ago. I don’t know how I fell for that one, considering the fact that a solid D is my elder sister’s best grade till date]

Well, as you can see, we have a VERY busy schedule and I am going to make sure that we accomplish every single thing on that list. Oops, I think that’s Greta’s dad honking away below the building. Later, DeDe!!


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