27.10.2013, Sunday, 9:02 pm

Just back from the karate exam.


I TOPPED THE CLASS AND EARNED SEVENTY FIVE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >Beams around to nobody in particular<

I didn’t get any medals though, but that’s only because Sensei declared this to be a ‘no-badge’ exam. Just as well. I mean, I am QUITE content right now. Let’s face it; my life is friggin’ [okay, I shouldn’t have sworn, but this journal is basically another way of voicing myself to… well, myself, and if I can’t live with the person I am, then what is the point, really??] AWESOME right now. I mean;

1] Uncle Gordon is dropping over for a ONE MONTH visit all the way from good ol’ Aussie [Australia, duh] and who in their right minds does NOT love Uncle Gordon???????? En plus, [moreover, in French] Aunt Sandy and the little ones are popping over as well. More the merrier, right??

2] I still haven’t gotten over the fact that we have a FIFTEEN DAY break from school.

3] My unprofessional karate/literary career has reached its peak [not too sure about this, but I guess so]

4] Mum’s close friend’s brother’s [that’s a LOT of apostrophes, eh?] wedding is on the twenty-seventh of November [exactly one month from this very moment] and so the whole family is flying over to celebrate this wonderful [more like icky] occasion. [The only reason I am at all excited about this is because of the -no, not the boring church stuff OR the gross kissing [you know, when the priest goes, ‘You may kiss the bride’] but because of the- cake]

5] Well, that’s about it.

Just re-reading this list has made my dizzy. Mum says giddiness is a sign of hunger. I guess I’d better go crunch on that extra-large pack of Barbecue chips in the snack tin[yes, that’s also the one that dad highly disproves of] right away -not because I want to, you know, rebel or anything [or because I think junk food is one of the loves of my life], but because I think that even if daddy was here [which he is not; he’s away to Chicago for a business trip{AGAIN}] I think he’d rather I gobble up the crisps than faint or anything.

So, that leads to

LAYS????!!!!!??? Beware, for here comes the munch-monster on a munching spree!! Mwahaha!!!!



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