26.10.13, Saturday, 1:41 pm

Well, school broke up yesterday for the Diwali vacations [Principle Roosevelt’s third cousin is an Indian, so whenever the kids from Southern Asia have a holiday, ditto us -Trust our school to dig up ANY excuse to declare a holiday- We are the only school on the block who has broken up, so good for us] and everybody was all happy because the “tension” of the exams was over and done [seriously, by the hours of study my peers dedicate to Biology, you’d think they were applying for a PhD] AND they get a whole two weeks off from school.

One thing I hate more than being nervous, is being nervous while the rest of the student body is rejoicing. So you can imagine how much I detested my karate Sensei [okay, that came out wrong. I will never be able to disagree with ANYTHING my karate sir SAYS, let alone detest HIM] for deciding to hold the my Purple Belt karate exam AFTER the vacations began.

So I was basically walking around -and fighting the urge to say ‘A bit cliche, don’t you think?’ to the passing students who were wishing everyone else a “Happy Independence Day”- Β the whole day. What a waste of the glorious post-monsoon weather, right?? But you couldn’t have expected me to waltz all the way home with a song on my lips and skip in my step. I have the MOST IMPORTANT examination of my LIFE [yet] coming up TOMORROW, so you can expect a bit of edginess on my part.

Anyway, on the good side, my parents are hosting this quiz at our place tomorrow while I’m away at my karate exam, because mum has insisted on “socializing” and “making the best of our delightful neighbors.” Um, yeah. I’m all for being friendly and stuff, but calling grouchy Mr Henrickson an “excellent neighbor” too much. So, before I change topics once again, thanks to the quiz, dad has invited Bill Broadway -he’s all for the glitz!- and his wife, Sasha, -and they’re two infants, Morgan and Alicia- over for the weekend. That’s the only good thing that’s happen to me so far, after the school broke up for the holidays.



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