21.10. 2013, Monday, 8:59 pm

Exam: Science

It was: Not Good 😦

[I seriously do NOT want to talk about my science paper, so let’s move on before things get messy]

Karate exam in SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Okay, I don’t think I want to continue discussing my karate exam either, because all it really does is make my tummy turn to jelly]

Anyway, for our French exam on Saturday, I chose the topic Mon Pére [translation: my father]. Here’s what I wrote. [Don’t worry. I know that you can’t read French, DeDe, so I have pasted an accurate translation below the document. So sit back and prepare yourself for a good laugh over my pathetic command over the language of the Parisians]


Mon père est Travis. Il a trente-neuf ans. Il anniversaire est la vingt-deux Aout. Il est Américain. Il est intelligent, longue,beau et mince. Il est tres bon et sympathique. Mon pére aime la glace, le sport, le football, le quizz, le cuisine et le cricket. Il aime la musique. Mon pére est tre bien.
Je aime mon pére!!



My father’s name is Travis. He is thirty-nine. His birthday is on the twenty-second of August. -This is a lie. My father’s birthday is on twenty second June, but I don’t know French for the seventh month, so I had to make do with the closest month I knew [which also happens to be the only month I know]. Besides, what Mademoiselle Zeline doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right??- He is American. He is intelligent, tall, handsome and thin. He is very good and nice. My father loves ice cream, sports, cricker, footbal, cooking -HA!- and quizzes. He also loves music. My father is very good.

I love my father!

After writing that essay, I can pretty much rule out French Shakespeare from my list of future careers.



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