20.10.2013, Sunday, 12:28 pm

Didn’t go for my early-morning karate weapons session today because mum thought it would be best if I rested. Well, that totally set me in a bad mood, because I happen to LOVE my karate class. But, as there wasn’t much I could do about it, I decided to just make the best of this holiday by loading myself with ice cream till it poured out of my ears. And that’s EXACTLY what I did [along with staring at the television] until I heard a taxi honk a WAY loud horn below our building. At that moment, I knew exactly who was in the cab; my dad.

My father doesn’t exactly approve of frozen treats or blankly watching the telly during an exam week, so I hurriedly screwed on the Baskin Robins tub shut, shut the idiot box, tore myself away from the insanely comfortable sofa and dragged my feet all the way to my bedroom where I pretended I was reading my P.G Wodehouse until dad burst into my room with a ‘Hey honey!’ Thankfully, no body figured that I’d spent the last couple of hours lazing on the couch, so Phew!! 


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