18.10.2013, Friday, 2:00 pm [precisely]

Had our English exam today. It was DEAD boring. I finished it up in, like, thirty minutes, and then I spent the next two and a half hours warming the bench. I sat till my butt got numb and then was forced to ask the supervisor for a bathroom pass. He looked at me in a mean way and coolly informed me about the fact that exam attendants were not allowed to get out of the classroom until everybody handed their scripts over.

Is it allowed for the teachers of our school to forbid me from going to use the loo because my rear end had frozen up?? [Thanks to the lousy THREE HOURS they allotted for an EIGHTY MARKS paper. If I were the principal, I’d have one minute per mark]

No time to discuss this alarmingly amusing topic, I have got to go dress up for karate [Nine days for the exam!!!!!!!]. Later!!


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