15.10.2013, Sunday, 5:44 pm

Watching Barbie videos on YouTube. I know I’m supposed to be over her and all, but seriously, who doesn’t love girls in pink lipstick and ball gowns??

Anyway, [moving on to a LESS insane topic] I have the WORST NEWS EVER!!! [Okay, maybe NOT that worst new ever -I’m not even sure whether it’s actually bad news- but it sure feels like it!] I was skipping up the steps to my karate class, relieved that my dad had agreed to let me continue my extracurricular sessions. And then my day went from satisfied and happy-to-get-a-second-chance to CRAZILY unfair!!

You will NOT believe WHAT Sensei informed me about the moment I stepped into the dojo…

Sensei Whyatt: Aah, Taylor. Good Evening.

Me: Good Evening Sensei Whyatt [in my special good-girl voice reserved for my martial arts instructor] 

Sensei Whyatt: Did Serena tell you about the exam?? I requested her to phone you.

Me: Um… No, sir, she didn’t ring me up… -pauses for a few seconds- W-what exam, Sir?

Sensei Whyatt: Your purple belt exam. On the twenty-seventh.

Me: O-on the t-twenty seventh of t-this month?? 

Sensei: Yes, Taylor.

Me: >Passes out<

You see?? Being me is NO joke.

Right now, I feel like a big heap of nerves. -Not that I ever feel like much else… -I think I will be the only kid in the whole school who’ll actually get all teary eyed after the mid-term exams are done [scheduled on the twenty-fifth]. People will look at me and think, ‘NERD!!’-

This is INSANE, man! I can’t be living in fear and worry my WHOLE life, now can I?? -Just hit the uncomfortable realization that I really COULD spend the rest of my days in a cloud of nervousness- Oh no.

I have to go now. Dad’s calling me for my shower. Tata!


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