06.10.2013, Sunday, 4:47 pm

NO WAY!!!!! This is SO not happening!!!!!!

Okay, I know I haven’t told you a lot of my life prior to the day I began maintaining a journal, so maybe we’ll start right now, because today was SO fifth grade all over again. Like as if I accidentally stepped into a portal that took me back to the…past. Anyway, to begin the Minor Pre-Pre-Teen Tale of Taylor Skarr’s Life, let me start by describing how exactly my school-year went, back when I was a wee lass of ten… [I think you would really get the “feel” of my narration if you got a REALLY personal view of my life when I was a decade, so I’ve decided to paste a few diary entries I had written in my rough book during French class [come ON, we’re not actually supposed to listen to Mademoiselle Zeline’s lectures, right??]]:

Friday the fifteenth, 2010, February

Wow. This stuff is spooky. Remember how I told you how my stationary keeps disappearing and re-appearing in a matter of seconds?? Now, not only is it happening to me, it’s also going on with Sammy [a classmate] and Ashley [another classmate]. And not just unimportant pens and paper either. I lost my glasses a few days ago, and I am POSITIVE I left them on the night stand.

This is creepy. It may not seem that serious, but believe me, when your the one who loses your math homework paper [whose absence might get you detention] you’ll be the one freaking out. Okay, looks like I have to go. Teacher Z is eyeing me suspiciously >Gulp!!<


Monday the eighteenth, 2010, February

Man I hate my life!! This “one-second-its-there-one-second-its-not thing is REALLY getting on my nerves. I spent fifteen whole minutes on my science homework yesterday evening and BOOM!! when I reach class and Tr. M is all, ‘hand over your papers kids’, I’m panicking because -you guessed it- my butterfly life-cycle has VANISHED!! No body at home touches my bag pack and nobody at school would dare, which just about rules out everybody. [Whoopee, back to square one]

Anyway, I got a “bad remark” for not submitting my work on time. This SUCKS. 


Wednesday the twentieth, 2010, February

Today is the worst day ever. Ashley has lost her biology notebook and I have “misplaced” my books manuscript [I have spent more than two months of my life on that thing!! It had better find its way back to me or it is in BIG trouble] . Things are getting serious. I don’t know why stuff like this always happens to me. 

Now where did I put that geometry box????

Okay, enough flashback for one day. This stuff you’ve been reading from my past diary?? It’s happening with me all over again. I mean, I “mislaid and re-found” my P.G Wodehouse novel, a Sudoku book and a case of almonds during breakfast itself. I am exhausted [you try hunting for a box of nuts in a household full of energetic family who all have different directions as to how you’re supposed to retrieve your dry snack. Seriously, I’d rather attempt fetching a needle from a haystack] and all these unfortunate reminisces have set me in a bad mood. Time to hog on some comfort food!! [And not just ANY comfort food either. The expensive type that mum has forbidden me from setting my eyes on. Now THAT will help me cheer up]




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