02.10.2013, Wednesday, 11:06 am

Bunked school today because of my temperature of a  100 degrees when I woke up. From the time I fluttered open my eyes, I have been sitting here on the front porch, waiting for the post man to arrive with mum’s gifts. You know, the ones I have ordered online for mum’s birthday. I know its supposed to arrive tomorrow, but you never know.

One of the reasons I am sitting out her in the chilly wind with a shawl draped around my feverish self is because if mum comes out to check the mail and accidentally sees the FlipKart delivery, the whole element of surprise will vanish out of the equation. Please Mr. Postman, PLEASE hurry up and get my parcel!!!

Oops, got to go. Daddy is calling me inside for a bowl of tomato soup that will apparently “zap my fever bugs.” Yup, that is SO not going to happen, but I am so hungry right now, I could eat a horse. Or maybe not.


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