31.10.2013, Thursday, 9:52 pm


Just back from spending the whole day at Chantal’s Christmas Tree Farm [yes, it has the BIGGEST pool EVER]. Well, all I can say is this; making friend’s with the new, French foreign exchange student was probably one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Not only did it earn me a ticket to her super cool farm, it also enabled me to try out her mum’s to-die-for homemade pizza.

Wondering what I’m going on about?? Well, it all began when Chantal’s mum phoned me up yesterday morning, with an invite to come join Chantal and a few of our school buddies at a “secret hangout.” Well, I know that curiosity killed the cat and all, but I suddenly felt an urgent NEED to know where exactly we were headed to [plus I was beginning to feel that the most exciting thing I’d done during these holidays so far was watching paint dry], so I said yes. ‘Oh, and bring your swim suit along, hun,’ She added, which made me even more perplexed.

Well, aunt Schuh [a.k.a Chantal’s mum] [pronounced “Sh-OO] arrived in her vintage Beetle today morning, a beaming smile on her face and four of my pals squeezed in at the back. ‘Hey y’all,’ I bellowed, dumping a small knapsack in the boot before slamming it shut and rushing in to greet my buddies. After waving ‘Good Bye’ to my mum, we zoomed off. Okay, maybe we didn’t zoom [how can one talk about ZOOMING in Manhattan’s holiday-rush traffic??] but you gee the idea.

So after about an hour, the car halts and the six of us alight and BEHOLD!! In front of us lay acres and acres of lush green fields, dotted with dandelions, daffodils and weeds [I’m a a pessimist at heart]. ‘WOW,’ I mumbled, in a daze. You must understand how SPELLBINDING this view must have been for me. Me, the girl who wakes up and goes to sleep with the sound of bustling traffic ringing in my ears. The greenery, the butterflies, the baby-blue skies… It was all so natural.

‘Pinch me, I’m dreaming!!’ I squealed as I hoisted my bag onto my back. ‘Where are we Chantal??’ I asked, spinning around to face my petite pal who was grinning. ‘Yeah, where is this place??’ Malaika pressed. ‘Remember that Christmas Tree Farm of mine that I was telling you guys about?? Well, we’re FINALLY here,’ she announced, rubbing her palms together.

The first thing us girls did was trek up to the actual farmhouse. Once there, we wasted no time in strapping on our swim wear and skipping to the azure pool that beckoned us with its sparkling reflections and tempting waves. ‘This is FABULOUS, Chants!!’ Isabelle exclaimed, throwing off her towel and stirring her big toe in the waters to check out the temperature. ‘Get in slow-poke,’ I teased before shoving her in.

That’s all it took to start a MAJOR aquatic-war. The fight was ON! We splashed and pulled and tugged and just tired ourselves out. In about two hours, Aunt Schuh called us in for lunch. I groaned inwardly… that is, until I figured that today was make-your-own-pizza day! We had a blast, squirting tomato puree all over ourselves and generously helping ourselves to oddles of mushroom.

Eventually, we really did manage to get some food on the plate [believe it or not] and it did taste smashing, but it wasn’t HALF as good as what we had for desert [though how we managed to get another BITE in after we stuffed ourselves silly with pizza is beyond me] which was…


Yup, that was one meal I’m not going to forget any time soon. After the last crumb had been wiped out and the last sip [of cherry-ade] had been slurped, we wandered around the plot, climbing up massive oaks and forming even more massive rips in our jeans [at least it looks fashionable- right??].

Then we paraded back into the house and made ourselves pots of caramel popcorn while watching the latest episode of The Simpsons. Time flew, and it was soon time to “wind up.” I, of course, was unhappy [to say the least] because our heading home would mark the end of a sublime day, but I cheered up immensely when I reminded myself that tomorrow would be a fresh slate, a new page, another chance for us to get it right.

[I know, that last part sounded real wacko -kind of like something your teacher would say- but hey, everybody has their crazy, wisdom-guru moments, and I guess that was mine]


27.10.2013, Sunday, 9:02 pm


Just back from the karate exam.


I TOPPED THE CLASS AND EARNED SEVENTY FIVE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >Beams around to nobody in particular<

I didn’t get any medals though, but that’s only because Sensei declared this to be a ‘no-badge’ exam. Just as well. I mean, I am QUITE content right now. Let’s face it; my life is friggin’ [okay, I shouldn’t have sworn, but this journal is basically another way of voicing myself to… well, myself, and if I can’t live with the person I am, then what is the point, really??] AWESOME right now. I mean;

1] Uncle Gordon is dropping over for a ONE MONTH visit all the way from good ol’ Aussie [Australia, duh] and who in their right minds does NOT love Uncle Gordon???????? En plus, [moreover, in French] Aunt Sandy and the little ones are popping over as well. More the merrier, right??

2] I still haven’t gotten over the fact that we have a FIFTEEN DAY break from school.

3] My unprofessional karate/literary career has reached its peak [not too sure about this, but I guess so]

4] Mum’s close friend’s brother’s [that’s a LOT of apostrophes, eh?] wedding is on the twenty-seventh of November [exactly one month from this very moment] and so the whole family is flying over to celebrate this wonderful [more like icky] occasion. [The only reason I am at all excited about this is because of the -no, not the boring church stuff OR the gross kissing [you know, when the priest goes, ‘You may kiss the bride’] but because of the- cake]

5] Well, that’s about it.

Just re-reading this list has made my dizzy. Mum says giddiness is a sign of hunger. I guess I’d better go crunch on that extra-large pack of Barbecue chips in the snack tin[yes, that’s also the one that dad highly disproves of] right away -not because I want to, you know, rebel or anything [or because I think junk food is one of the loves of my life], but because I think that even if daddy was here [which he is not; he’s away to Chicago for a business trip{AGAIN}] I think he’d rather I gobble up the crisps than faint or anything.

So, that leads to

LAYS????!!!!!??? Beware, for here comes the munch-monster on a munching spree!! Mwahaha!!!!


27.10.2013, Sunday, 12:27 pm


This is it. The day has arrived. “It” has come.

TODAY IS THE DAY OF MY PURPLE BELT -yes, there is such a thing as a purple belt in martial arts- GRADING EXAMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [And yes, all of the exclamation marks were necessary]

I know that it is vital for me to calm down [and stop having a fit every time I glance at my freshly ironed karate uniform that’s just back from the launderette], but HOW????? I have tried all the relatives suggestions [and I have about seven busloads of them, so it took a while] like thinking about stuff that helps me relax [CHOCOLATE!!] and watching T.V but NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!! [When I couldn’t de-stress myself even AFTER previewing THREE movies on the telly, I realised that this situation was serious]

I’ve got to go, DeDe. You know, practice my moves and all. I’ll keep you updated on the results. >Crosses Fingers and passes out<



26.10.13, Saturday, 1:41 pm


Well, school broke up yesterday for the Diwali vacations [Principle Roosevelt’s third cousin is an Indian, so whenever the kids from Southern Asia have a holiday, ditto us -Trust our school to dig up ANY excuse to declare a holiday- We are the only school on the block who has broken up, so good for us] and everybody was all happy because the “tension” of the exams was over and done [seriously, by the hours of study my peers dedicate to Biology, you’d think they were applying for a PhD] AND they get a whole two weeks off from school.

One thing I hate more than being nervous, is being nervous while the rest of the student body is rejoicing. So you can imagine how much I detested my karate Sensei [okay, that came out wrong. I will never be able to disagree with ANYTHING my karate sir SAYS, let alone detest HIM] for deciding to hold the my Purple Belt karate exam AFTER the vacations began.

So I was basically walking around -and fighting the urge to say ‘A bit cliche, don’t you think?’ to the passing students who were wishing everyone else a “Happy Independence Day”-  the whole day. What a waste of the glorious post-monsoon weather, right?? But you couldn’t have expected me to waltz all the way home with a song on my lips and skip in my step. I have the MOST IMPORTANT examination of my LIFE [yet] coming up TOMORROW, so you can expect a bit of edginess on my part.

Anyway, on the good side, my parents are hosting this quiz at our place tomorrow while I’m away at my karate exam, because mum has insisted on “socializing” and “making the best of our delightful neighbors.” Um, yeah. I’m all for being friendly and stuff, but calling grouchy Mr Henrickson an “excellent neighbor” too much. So, before I change topics once again, thanks to the quiz, dad has invited Bill Broadway -he’s all for the glitz!- and his wife, Sasha, -and they’re two infants, Morgan and Alicia- over for the weekend. That’s the only good thing that’s happen to me so far, after the school broke up for the holidays.


23.10.2013, Wednesday, 2:22 pm


Today’s exam: Mathematics

Comment: Pie 😛

We are going to the movies!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh yeah, we are, and YOU are SO NOT invited, DeDe!! Ha ha ha!!! Yeah!! We are going to watch a film in the THEATER!!!!!! La la la, I’m so HAPPY!!!!! >High fives imaginary friend, Noel< Yeah, yeah I’m going with the family to the AIR CONDITIONED multiplex!!!! Na na na na na!! How sweet is the fruit of expectation!! La la la la!!

[You must be wondering, who is this weird, hyper girl who gets super excited about going to the CINEMA?!!???

Trust me, you do NOT want to know]

21.10. 2013, Monday, 8:59 pm


Exam: Science

It was: Not Good 😦

[I seriously do NOT want to talk about my science paper, so let’s move on before things get messy]

Karate exam in SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Okay, I don’t think I want to continue discussing my karate exam either, because all it really does is make my tummy turn to jelly]

Anyway, for our French exam on Saturday, I chose the topic Mon Pére [translation: my father]. Here’s what I wrote. [Don’t worry. I know that you can’t read French, DeDe, so I have pasted an accurate translation below the document. So sit back and prepare yourself for a good laugh over my pathetic command over the language of the Parisians]


Mon père est Travis. Il a trente-neuf ans. Il anniversaire est la vingt-deux Aout. Il est Américain. Il est intelligent, longue,beau et mince. Il est tres bon et sympathique. Mon pére aime la glace, le sport, le football, le quizz, le cuisine et le cricket. Il aime la musique. Mon pére est tre bien.
Je aime mon pére!!



My father’s name is Travis. He is thirty-nine. His birthday is on the twenty-second of August. -This is a lie. My father’s birthday is on twenty second June, but I don’t know French for the seventh month, so I had to make do with the closest month I knew [which also happens to be the only month I know]. Besides, what Mademoiselle Zeline doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right??- He is American. He is intelligent, tall, handsome and thin. He is very good and nice. My father loves ice cream, sports, cricker, footbal, cooking -HA!- and quizzes. He also loves music. My father is very good.

I love my father!

After writing that essay, I can pretty much rule out French Shakespeare from my list of future careers.


20.10.2013, Sunday, 12:28 pm


Didn’t go for my early-morning karate weapons session today because mum thought it would be best if I rested. Well, that totally set me in a bad mood, because I happen to LOVE my karate class. But, as there wasn’t much I could do about it, I decided to just make the best of this holiday by loading myself with ice cream till it poured out of my ears. And that’s EXACTLY what I did [along with staring at the television] until I heard a taxi honk a WAY loud horn below our building. At that moment, I knew exactly who was in the cab; my dad.

My father doesn’t exactly approve of frozen treats or blankly watching the telly during an exam week, so I hurriedly screwed on the Baskin Robins tub shut, shut the idiot box, tore myself away from the insanely comfortable sofa and dragged my feet all the way to my bedroom where I pretended I was reading my P.G Wodehouse until dad burst into my room with a ‘Hey honey!’ Thankfully, no body figured that I’d spent the last couple of hours lazing on the couch, so Phew!!