26.09.2013, Thursday, 5:20 pm

Didn’t go to school today because I caught the bug that was going around our neighborhood for the past few weeks. Well, at least now I don’t have to cover my face with a paper bag every time I step out of the house.

Anyway, I was just blankly starting at the telly and bringing out the couch potato in me when BOOM!! I suddenly remembered my mum’s birthday…That’s in TWO DAYS!!!! I have to be the worst kid EVER. First, I forget about my GRANDMA’S birthday, and now my mum’s. I can SO see myself in five years on fifteenth August [which is my birthday] and I’ll be all, ‘Hmm… I know there’s something special about today… I just can’t finger it…’

I have got to think FAST. I mean, my mum does so much for me, and what do I give her in return?? Usually, on her birthday, Kathryn and I prepare a Breakfast in Bed consisting of burnt toast and sour milk, but this time, I want to do something memorable. Like ship her of in a private jet so that she wakes up in Milan. Only, I don’t think mum would be too happy with that plan considering how people don’t really like arriving at a new country in their zodiac nighties.

I have got myself into a real mess, haven’t I?? I have to be the most irresponsible being ever born. Well, at least I am one of some kind.


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