26.09.2013, Thursday, 3:42 pm

Okay, so back to the party story from yesterday;

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the mall. As our sneakers crunched the saffron leaves that scattered themselves across the tarred road, us kids gabbed nineteen to the dozen about how exactly we were going to spend the rest of the day. Of course, Tasha already had a rough plan [subject to change], but it all depended on how us girls received it.

As soon as the watchman flung open the glass door [Glenn Mall is one of the few shopping departments that doesn’t have automatic gates], a gust of icy breeze fluttered past us, causing some of my pals to squeal in delight. The party had officially started!!

One thing that everyone really wanted to do was enter the “Hallway of Panic.” There were posters all over the walls tempting us to try it out. Tasha’s mum handed her daughter a wad of cash and instructed us to meet her at the KFC eatery in five hours. In my head, I was going “SWEET!!” partly because I have never been left “alone” [without parental supervision] in a public area before.

Anyway, the first thing we did was hop onto the escalators and climb up to the fourth floor, the “Teen Zone.”[Okay, except for me, everyone there was thirteen. Great] Just before we entered the “Hallway,” Grannie’s phone beeped [she had kindly let me borrow it for the trip] and a message from mum flashed on the screen:

Are you having fun, Sweetie?? What are you kids up to now?

I replied:

Yup, Mum, we’re having fun alright. Just going to check out the “Hallway of Panic.” Love, Taylor.


Just then, the security guard informed us that only TWO kids could get in at a time. I was like, WHAT???!!!? Because NO WAY was I going to enter a pitch dark space with mechanical ghosts lurking around by myself. Who KNOWS what really goes on in there??????

Well, most of the party invitees felt the same way too, so we had a noisy quarrel with the guy in charge, and, realising he was not equipped to make twelve boisterous girls agree with his point of view, he gave up and let us all flock in together. Well, that was BIG MISTAKE number one. If there’s on thing I have learned from my trip to the mall it’s that they have rules for a REASON, and not just to exercise their superiority. We couldn’t even enjoy the activity because:
1] We were practically GLUED to each other because of the lack of space

2] There was this RIDICULOUS soundtrack that displayed the screaming of a maiden. It was so LOUD, I couldn’t hear myself THINK.

Well, after that, we decided to view a 7D movie at the theatre. Boy, wasn’t THAT cool!! We settled on viewing ‘Lady Pharaoh,’ a freaky, fifteen minute film on this weird woman in a burka. The only part that ruined the shows was the “fight”: See, I left out one teensy-weency detail; Greta, Kylee, Isabelle and Chantal ALL wanted to sit next to me and just BE with me -The WHOLE time- when all I really wanted to do was hang out with Tasha, because it was her birthday and all. So, before the little movie began, the four of them were arguing, and I, totally exhausted by their petty conflict, stalked off and seated myself at the front row. Eventually, they settled it out among themselves, and we were soon watching the crazy film while crunching on popcorn.

Well, after that, we played around at the arcade and dashed each other at the “Bumper car” arena. We also had a bowling match and spent a couple bucks on cotton candy. It was AWESOME!!!

Then we roamed around the stores, trying out wacky costumes and posing with mannequins. We bogeyed to Moves Like Jagger, tried out sticks of mascara at Maybelline, tried out frocks at Next and sported expensive clothes at Westside. Time flew, and the next thing I knew, we had to head to KFC to meet up with Tasha’s parents. We had a blast there too, and filled up a gazillion feed-back forms with negative comments [I’m a critic at heart].

Then, we drove all around town in search of a decent ice cream parlour and licked up frozen junk at Baskin Robbins.

I can’t believe the whole thing is over. I like to have something to look forward too.

At least Kylee has announced that she’s holding a Pyjama Party at her place after the exams. Thank Gawd for Kylee and her sleepovers!!

Time to surf the web for my daily dose of internet poo [my word for all the trash that keeps sprouting about the world wide web]. Tata, DeDe, until next time.



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