19.09.2013, Thursday, 5:05 pm

Okay, remember that “awesome” party I told you about?? Well, it was… kind of a let-down.


Yesterday was LEGENDARY. It was EVERYTHING you’d want in an absolutely FABULOUS set of twenty-four hours. The only “bad part” is that it got over WAY too fast. Which is a pity, because we were having SUCH a BLAST!!!!

The excitement began after school on Wednesday. You know, when there’s no one around the WHOLE campus except some of the staff and the us, the kids invited to the bash. We were just hanging around and waiting for Tasha’s mum to show up. So, anyway, we were twirling around the football field and informing everyone about the “seven star hotel” Tasha’s thing was going to be at, when her parents pulled up in front of the school gate.

Her father was behind the wheel of a Hyundai while Tasha’s mum was driving a classy hybrid. We divided ourselves and loaded into the spacious automobiles. We reached Tasha’s place in no time at all. THAT was when I spotted it; a sleek Beetle with a tinge of the brightest shade of yellow one has every laid one’s eyes on. It had tiny black license plates with tinted windows and the MOST comfortable-looking seats… It was a divine BEAUTY in the form of a vehicle.

Unfortunately, my bud’s wouldn’t let me fawn over a “piece of metal” [harsh] and dragged me all the way to Tasha’s suite on the fourth floor. And that’s where I saw the second it [or her, to be more precise]; Tasha’s Labrador, Sausage. One thing that I noticed IMMEDIATELY was that, neck-down, Sausage [or Saucy, as Tasha calls her] was shaved. Yes, SHAVED. [This is one dog that keeps getting weirder and weirder, huh?] She looked bare.

I rushed over to her and wrapped my arms around her neck until Greta commanded me to shower and get ready for lunch. In five minutes, I emerged from the bathroom sporting mauve denims and a salmon pink tee. The others were already digging into fried rice and crispy veggies, so I hurried to join them.

Of course, before I could properly set my eyes on the two bowls of lunch set out on the table, Tasha decided it was time to cut the cake, so I had to patiently wait for all the clapping and singing was done before I could even THINK of eating anything at all. Fortunately, the cake was basically a mix of melted Ferrero Rocher sauce and chocolate icing, and as I’m a die hard chocholic, it suited me just fine.

As soon as everyone had finished wiping off the last bits of birthday cake, we darted out of the house and jumped into the waiting cars. There was a bit of a dispute on who should sit where, but in the end, it was all sorted out and we were on our way to Glenn Mall!! While most of the children admired the scenery, Ashley and I plugged our head-phones on and were soon enjoying a “My Wife And Kids” marathon.

Oops, looks like I’ll have to tell you the rest of it tomorrow, DeDe. Dad’s gesturing for me to go have my bath. PARENTS!!!!!!


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