17.09.2013, Tuesday, 3:32 pm

Tomorrow is going to be EPIC!!! I know, I know, I’m supposed to be updating you, DeDe, every single day, blah blah blah. But my life has been SO amazingly hectic [to say the least] nowadays, I can’t find the time to BLINK, forget maintaining a record of my LIFE. Anyway, now I’m here, and you’re here too, so let me explain all the stuff that’s been happening. Basically, it ALL began on the fifteenth of this month…

Humid was the afternoon as five… sorry, six maidens trudged around the school campus, tediously making their way around the hordes of boisterous kids who felt it their duty to take full advantage of their half an hour recess. The girls shoved their way through the crowd, forgetting all about the manners drilled into their heads from the time they were three. ‘I really DO wish Principal Theodore would at least CONSIDER making a larger space for the little ones to run about. They end up darting across the already-tiny corridors and making a nuisance of themselves,’ Taylor remarked as her entourage followed her path. ‘Tell me about it,’ Chantal grunted, trying to maneuver her legs away from a tangles mess of third-graders.

Just as they neared a somewhat familiar haven -one could never tell the difference between the canteen and the sport’s room in this rush- Tasha Grittman, a girl who was in their standard, tripped on someones shoelaces and BOOM!! You know what happens next, right?? The seven… sorry, the eight feminines fell with a synchronized thud. ‘OUCH!!!’ Greta whined, rubbing her bruised knee. ‘I’m so sorry!’ Tasha apologised, helping Greta up. The rest of the student body were oblivious to this little incident and unknowingly trod on Isabelle’s palms. She screamed in pain and massaged her wound as best she could. When the last of the damsels were upright again, Tasha took a good look around her. 

‘Oh it’s you lot!’ She exclaimed. I’ve been looking for you girls all around the school!’ She added. ‘But whatever for??’ Taylor queried, her brows furrowing. ‘Well, as you know it’s my birthday in a couple days time and I would love it if you all can come to a little get-together I will be throwing at Glenn Mall,’ She stated, satisfied at the eyes around her that began gleaming with delight. ‘How simply marvelous!!’ Mandy announced, her smile resembling a slice of Parmesan. ‘It’s been AGES since someone has thrown a party!!’ Kylee said, picturing her peach frock and wondering whether it would be suitable attire for this occasion.

‘Well, I’m glad you warm towards the idea, but could you please ask for permission and get back to me later today?? Mum has asked me to finalize the number of guests. We have to book the hall and inform the caterers about the number of people in attendance you know.’ she said with the all-important air of a hostess. ‘I’ll let you know by about five o’clock,’ Malaika said. The little circle dispersed after agreeing to email each other about whether or not their parents gave into the idea.

Thankfully, all the seven little girls got permission to attend Tasha’s thirteenth birthday bash. They spent the following days discussing their clothes, the presents and the sheer surprise of the unexpected treat.

Sorry DeDe, that’s all I can write right now. I have to leave something to write about for tomorrow, the splendid D-day!!! It’s such a pleasant though, the fact that in twenty-four hours from now, I will be having the time of my life with some of the greatest pals the world has ever seen.

Over and Out


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