12.09.2013, Thursday, 9:27 pm

Just spent a delightful hour eating homemade Italian snacks and solving crosswords with daddy. This is SO the life!! How much better could it get, really?? I mean;

1. It’s Lucky Thursday! The only thing better would be Even-Luckier Friday!!

2. Feni has rested her beautiful head on my lap. Oh, how wonderful it is to be loved!!

3. Solving crosswords; a sure sign of mental stability.

Okay, that’s about all I can come up with at the moment. Wow, it is SO awesome with the air con on. Way better than the fan, that’s for sure. My only regret is that I finished the garlic bread too fast. I wish I’d saved some for later. My only hope is to mooch off some of Kathryn’s when she isn’t looking. Which is difficult, because she’s spent every single second -since mum laid the array of continental tit-bits- analyzing whether or not to eat the bread [“Too many carbs or no too many carbs??”

Yeah!! Great news!!! Mum has just entered the room with a tray of garlic bread!! Too busy munching, DeDe!! More later!!


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