11.08.2013, Wednesday, 7:42 pm

I know that it’s been only about an hour and a half since I last wrote in you, DeDe. But SO much has happened in that time!!! I did not know that so many things could happen in, like, NINETY minutes. Kathryn takes ninety minutes to have a bath. And that ain’t interesting, Brotha!!

So, starting from the beginning, as soon as I shut this very book and dropped it into my Adidas rucksack, Kathryn screeched my name out and bellowed for me to come to her room. Well, THAT was surprising considering how Kathryn has made it very clear that her chamber is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY out of bounds. For me, at least. Anyway, I obediently followed her command and trooped up the stairs, not because I’m someone who can be ordered about, but because I was DYING to see how her room looked like. Sure, I’ve been in there before [seventeen times, to be more precise] when she’s out for midnight parties, but every time I step in, the room has had a full on makeover.

The first time I crossed her parlor’s door, I was a timid [okay, wrong usage of verbs. I was a petite…] kid of nine. Kathryn had told mum that she would be away at one of her bashes and would be back by about two in the morning. Of course, mm objected. What do you expect her to do?? Allow her then-thirteen year old to party the night away??????? Well, that SO wasn’t happening. Mum and Kathryn argued for hours on end until mum emerged victorious. Kathryn was  to be back by eleven.

The wheels in my head began turning and I figured that if I sneaked into her place five minutes after she officially left for the ball [at 8:00 pm] I could spend a leisurely hour examining the articles that lay on her shelves, much like one would finger a museum artifacts. Of course, Kathryn forgot to take something or the other and rushed back fifteen minutes later and I was caught red-handed. But did that terrifying experience [Kathryn made me hand over all the money I had in my piggy bank as an “entrance fee” and I, being the tiny being that I was, obliged] stop me from slinking into her pad from time to time?? No, it did not. >Smiles slyly<

Anyway, back to today’s escapades, I climbed up the steps and was amazed to see that Kathryn had flung open her bedroom door and was sobbing with her head cupped in her hands. ‘Kat?? What’s up??’ I questioned, cautiously inching towards her. ‘You KNOW what’s going on, YOU SATAN!!!!!!’ She screamed and flung a pillow at me. I ducked her attack just in time, but felt hurt just that same. What was she talking about??

‘I.. I didn’t do ANYTHING,’ I stated, my temper creeping up to my voice. ‘Oh, yes, you did!! You TRASHED MY ROOM!!!!!!!’ She squealed. ‘MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! TAYLOR TOILED-PAPERED MY ROOM!!!!!!!’ She hollered. Mum came rushing up the staircase and demanded to know what was happening. Kathryn poured out her side of the story and ended in accusing me for even being in her room in the first place.

Then, I unleashed MY fury and made clear to everyone just how cross I really was. Dad heard the ruckus and joined mum’s side. We spent the rest of the evening in the drawing room, discussing solutions to this problem. In the end, we decided that:

1. Kathryn had better lock her room the next time she was out and


How unfair is THAT, DeDe?? They can’t do this to me?? To be fair to my parents, thy have NO CLUE what really happened and just wanted the meeting to get over as soon as possible. And, what with Kathryn’s not-so-subtle urgings to keep me confined at home for the next seven days, they looked at me apologetically and declared that I was formally and officially GROUNDED.

Kathryn had better better check her toothbrush before scrubbing her teeth tomorrow morning, that’s all I’m saying.


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