11.08.2013, Wednesday, 4:06 pm

Last night was AWESOME!!
Kathryn and I stayed up late [late as in 2:38 am late] and played wild games on our KindleFire. [Okay, I was the one playing the “wild” games. She just played “Kiss the Boy Band Members”] Then we watched this spooky movie called “No Way Out” and practically screamed the house down [in our minds. If we so much as tried to TALK in a voice above a hoarse whisper, mum and dad would fish it out like a shark in bloody waters. Trust me, you really want to stay in their good books]
Oh, and today morning, as I drained a bowl of Cheerios, mum told us that there was going to be a “big surprise” and that we may know about it later in the day. If I know one thing about my mum, it’s that her surprises are BRILLIANT. So you can see why I can’t it still right know, even as I’m scribbling this.
There’s something that I’ve been bursting to tell you, DeDe. I’ve really, REALLY wanted to. But I can’t. Because what if I don’t win?? Omigosh, I can’t believe I just wrote that!!! I swore to myself that I wouldn’t tell you ANYTHING about it till it was all over and done. It’s just that I’m so nervous!!!
Okay. Enough said. I can bet that if I keep writing, this secret is going to slip out of my fingers like… well, like I slink out of the room when I know I’m not wanted. [Yup, that sentence doesn’t make the least bit of sense]
So I’ll write later, DeDe. Later this evening, I mean.
Au Revoire!!


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