09.09.2013, Monday, 2:36 pm

The WEIRDEST thing happened yesterday evening. I had recently written a short story about these twins, Brittney and Brianna [the girl’s personalities are based on my sister and I] and how their parents were away on their “second honeymoon” and they were left all alone in their New York loft and they discover a tunnel under the bed of the guest room that leads them to a mysterious land where all of their worst nightmares come true… Anyway, I was tuning into HBO and LO AND BEHOLD!!!!!!!! There’s this movie called “The Hole” running and… IT GOES EXACTLY LIKE MY TALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have freaking COPYRIGHT, you know!!!!!! How dare they do this?? Yeah, sure, they previewed their stupid film before my short story was known to the world, but I bet someone sent Russian spies to search my house for any sort of manuscript I might have written while I was hogging away at Bombay Grill for my during my birthday brunch. This is all my fault!! Why didn’t I just listen to mum and buy that Archie lock and key diary at Walmart instead of the yellow lined notepad?!?!?!!!??? Sometimes, I really feel like kicking myself for not being the obedient daughter I know mum wants me to be.

Oh, Gawd, how am I supposed to deal with this situation????? Granted, the story was kind of [not so] loosely influenced by the Narnia series [which I happen to love] but STILL!!!!!!!! Brittney and Brianna [working title] was one of the best pieces I have ever written!!!!! They can’t do this to me!!!!! I am SO going to Google the movie and SUE the producer!!!!!!!!!!! How can he even THINK of making my write-up a movie without my permission???? [How ever good it may be]

Seriously, you must be wondering, ‘Who is this blogging feminine?? And why is she so VAIN???’  I swear, if you even try to say that in front of me, I will punch your lights out.


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