07.09.2013, Saturday, 6:38 pm

We had our teacher’s day performance today. I was totally nervous before the actual song, but once it began and I started singing, I just… went with the flow, I guess. It seemed to pass in a second, and before I knew it, Ashley and I were walking off the stage to a thunderous applause. [Sorry I haven’t gone much into details, DeDe, its just that I’m feeling particularly drowsy and I jst want to curl up on my bed and snooze for thirteen hours straight]

The week-long study-holiday that we get every year one month prior to the exams have officially begun. I don’t know how I’m going to survive. No pals, no paper-balls, no math pop quizzes, no FUN… What am I going to DO??? [I must be the only kid on the planet complaining about too much vacation] Without you, DeDe, I think I would burst.

Wow. Is that even POSSIBLE?? To burst under stress, I mean. Eww, I’m getting images in my head of guys and flying intestines. I think I’m going to puke… Okay, false alarm [Thank GAWD!!]…

I’ve got to go, DeDe. My head feels as heavy as a rock. A very BIG rock indeed. Goodnight, dearest notepad.


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