06.09.2013, Friday, 6:32 pm

During French today, Chantal and I were playing footsies the whole time. It was SO fun!! I didn’t know that tapping someones leg with your own could provide so much entertainment. It made the otherwise-boring verb chapter pass by in a flash! Well, not that I don’t like French or anything. Mademoiselle Zeline is one of the greatest teachers in GBMS. But sometimes, a girl’s just gotta’ have a break!!

Oh, and Lia Frampton, my Chemistry partner, has invited me for her birthday bash that’s in a month. The [intended] plan is:

1. Being picked up by her mum directly after the last day of the exams

2. Being dropped off at Glenn Falls Mall [each with 150$ handed out by Mrs Frampton]

3. Spending four hours shopping away with your best mates!!

4. Being treated to Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream cones and slices of gooey dutch truffle cakes on the way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool does that agenda sound?? It gets my heart beating all fast whenever I even THINK of it. Which is weird because I don’t have the same views on accessories as the next girl. For example, a majority of the female population of GBMS is more focused on whether or not their mascra streaks down their powdered faces than the next class. It’s a fact that only SEVENTY percent of my class can accurately name and point out all the CONTINENTS.

And they say we’ve already learned that in the first grade. Yeah, right!!

Oh, and a horrific realization dawned upon me as I unwrapped my burger today at lunch. This month has a… wait for it… FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I’m so excited. As a rule, the seven of us [Stella, Isabelle, Kylee, Greta, Ashley, Tasha and I] have always spent any Friday the thirteenth’s treating ourselves at the Pizza Hut opposite school.

It’s going to be great, this month, I mean. Because, look, there are so many things to look forward to like the party, the 13th outing, the teacher’s day celebration [TOMORROW!!!!!!!! REMEMBER TO PHONE UP THE REST OF THE BAND-MEMBERS AND REMIND!!!!!!!!! REPEATEDLY!!!!!!!!!]

Oops, I think the cordless is ringing again. I hope it’s one of dad’s colleagues. I somehow always get interrupted by someone or the other calling me up only to tell me about the “sick mini they purchased at Gucci this afternoon,” or that I just “have to come over to Nathan’s party because he’s giving out Gummy Bears!!” Um… yeah.

As you can see, the interests of my classmates and I vary vastly. While some of my main ambitions in life are to get a journalist degree from Oxford and become a bestselling author [I’m working on it!], some of my pals just aim to persuade their parent’s to let them pierce naval rings.

Then again, there are some “fish” like me, some of them with higher goals and a bigger chance at achieving them [which parent, in their right mind, would let her daughter cut a hold through her BELLY??? Isn’t that just GROSS??????]. Which are the kind of people I’m aiming at developing acquaintance with.

Some guy once said that optimistic atmosphere’s make people feel happier. So I guess all I really need to do is work hard and surround myself with positive influences. Which is way easier said than done. When your school houses kids who smoke at hooka bars every weekend yet can’t tell you what 7 4’s are, you know you’re in trouble.

Damn it!! Dad says someone has called for me. I just hope it’s not by someone who’s going to share with me the delights of marijuana or something. Because I’m sure that if I hear anything related to the word “drug” today, I’m going to hurl.


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