5.09.2013, Thursday, 7:18 pm

Today was teacher’s day. And it ROCKED!! I had to beg dad to drive me to school this morning because the whole class had planned a special surprise for Miss Sasha -only the BEST teacher EVER- and, in order to recreate the idea in our minds into reality, we had all agreed to drop in at school half an hour early. Dad, after little reluctance, agreed to drop Kathryn and I off [although Kathryn complained that she wouldn’t be seen dead with me in the same vehicle. Yeah Kathryn, like I CARE!!!].

I made sure that I woke up extra early and didn’t waste any time brushing my raggedy locks. I wrapped box of dark chocolate in a shiny red gift wrap and stamped on a small note on which I wrote, ‘To: Miss Sasha Lochman; Love, Taylor’ before bursting into the master bedroom and forcing dad to change from his boxers to a decent pair of Levi’s. It was more difficult to un-glue Kathryn’s eyes from her mobile, but I managed to do it in the end [I can be VERY persuasive when I want to be].

The trip to school was pleasant, and I babbled the whole way. [One of my favorite hobbies] I reckon this was my first ride to GBMS that went without someone [mostly immature bus-mates] screeching in my ears. Anyway, I hopped out of dad’s sporty sedan when we neared the imposing school gates and trooped up to my first-floor classroom.

I didn’t arrive a second too early. We had TONS of stuff to do, and I wanted to make sure that each and every box in our little to-do list was ticked before Miss Sasha skipped into the room with a cherry smile. Thankfully, everybody was in a co-operative mood and, in ten minutes, we had already:

1] Set the table with a flowing, beige table-cloth, a silver candle-stick holder, a wine-glass with orange juice ready to be poured in, a gigantic card from our grade and a tray with a luscious cake that had ‘Miss Lockman?? YOU RULE!’ squeezed on with a tube of pink icing.

2] Draped the black-board with streamers and paper-mache hearts.

3] Set up the music system that had Adele rocking away in seconds.

4] Blown over a trillion balloons and hung them all across the walls and;

5] Sprayed the room with a jasmine-scented room freshener.

I was roaming round the class sporting a goofy, satisfied beam. I was just so happy that things were going exactly as I had planned!! Yup, that’s when the day took a horrible turn and BOOM!! Before I knew it, the situation had gone from terrific to terrible. A ninth grader popped into our class and announced that the tenth’s were putting up an assembly for the teachers and that Miss Sasha would only come to class in an hour’s time.

Of course, a sea of groans flooded the peppy atmosphere that was present moments ago. Coincidentally, even the music halted as the player started up another tune. I slapped my head in frustration. Why?? Why couldn’t the teacher’s just VISIT their classes before gracing the STUPID gathering????????????? Our beautiful, aromatic, delight-for-the-senses presentation wouldn’t take more than a minute!! I wanted to scream. But I gritted my pearly whites and summoned all the authority I could muster.

‘Okay,’ I began when the ninth-grader had decided to inform the other kids about this disaster. ‘Let’s just keep calm and stay focused. Think of it this way; we have more time to practice and perfect the grand entrance!!’ I said, all positive, like as if I believed myself. ‘She’s right,’ Chantal, the new French girl, piped in. ‘Let’s do the best we can under the circumstances.’

And THAN, we snapped right back into action. Dylan rolled the DVD player up to max while the rest of us piled the cake back into the box so that no unfortunate accident could destroy it or something. Then we just lazed around in groups. Elliott -this guy whose mum is part-time French teacher for the twelfths- handed out packs of nachos and a tub of cheesy Cheetos. PARADISE!!!

We had a CD of the best songs ever, crates of junk, a party atmosphere and great pals. What more could I want, seriously?? Ashley, Chantal, Malaika, Stella and I acted all drunk and crazy. Amazing. I loved every second of it. Every single second of it. Since Ash, Chantal, Giselle, Kylee, Tasha, Meg and I were performing a cover of ‘Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri, we dedicated half an hour to rehearsals. Though all we basically did was gossip about celebrity relationships.

‘That got back together AGAIN??!!?!!’

‘Omigosh!! Didn’t you hear about when…’

‘Yeah, and that cat-suit was SO naughty!!’

Totally irrelevant topics and we probably wasted the time. But… I DON’T CARE!!! I LOVE IT!!! >Sticks tongue out<

Anyway, in about one twenty minutes, we heard the passages buzzing and people talking about the tenth-grade assembly FINALLY breaking up. We rushed back to our classes and placed the cake back on the counter. We sprayed another coat of perfume around the room and ordered each other to clear up the sweet wrappers that littered the floor.

Trista Kipwhaite signaled for us to shut it and slipped outside with the blind fold. The music was muted and the electric gadgets were switched off. I commanded three guys to switch on all the lights and fans as well as raise the volume to maximum as soon as Trista lifted up the cloth from Miss Sasha’s eyes.

It went perfectly according to plan. Once Trista and Miss Sasha had crossed the class half-way, four things happened at once:
1. Steve Prickett burst a neon balloon

2. The Avril Lavigne song was soon blaring

3. The students burst out with ‘Happy Teacher’s day’ wishes

4. Miss Sasha’s blindfold was taken off

And thus ended a perfectly brilliant day. As the assembly was delayed by a whole hour and a half, teacher has postponed our performances to Saturday. So I STILL have something to look forward to. Lucky me.


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