29.08.2013, Thursday, 6:54 pm

Just back from an EXTREME karate class. Oh, Gawd, I can barely STAND UP without scowling in pain [yup, it really is possible to grimace in pain]. We had, like, the most GRUELING session in the HISTORY of MANKIND!! I mean, first we did a gazillion push up, followed by a trillion tummy-crunches. Then, we squatted on our haunches and hopped THREE WHOLE ROUNDS around the dojo.
Oh, and that’s not all!! As soon as we completed the circulations around the spacious room, the students [that’s us] were commanded to stretch their limbs like on would squeeze out the water from a damp cloth. I twisted and turned myself in ALL possible directions.

I am SO thoroughly exhausted. And a hundred per cent sure that my legs are going to be as stiff as a corpse by tomorrow. [Sometimes, I wonder whether I have been put on this earth to enhance it with my intellect or to be inhumanely tortured by the people with whom I interact with on a daily basis]

Wait a minute… Maybe if I think of an ultra-relaxing way to spend the next few hours before I fall asleep, my legs will be back to normal by tomorrow morning [it had BETTER be, that’s all I’m saying. If anyone catches my hobbling about like my Great-Grandpa Max when he fractured his leg, I’m DEAD-meat]. Of course, my scheme will have to include the mega-unwinding-potential luxuries like:

Spending an hour [at least] watching Supernatural on AXN. [Gawd, I love that show!! Especially when the innocent victims are brutally murdered…]

Crunching at least two tubs of BUTTERY popcorn

Reciting a few of my newest poems to Feni [my dog]

IM-ing my close mate, Greta

Just chilling in mum’s room with the air conditioner on at max



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