26.08.2013, Monday, 8:17 pm

Currently reading:

  1. To Cut a Long Story Short [Archer]
  2. A Prison Diary [Archer]
  3. Overbite [Meg Cabot]
  4. Adrian Albert Mole [Townsend]

The above chart is TOTALLY irrelevant to what I’m about to tell you [Gawd knows why I even wrote it].Which is the fact that I am SO busy these days, I can hardly find the time to BREATHE, and I [for once] am SO NOT exaggerating.

Take today’s recess, for instance.

I was minding my own business [read: stomping about and creating a ruckus] during Mrs Fernandez’s fourth period when suddenly, the bell rang. The guys were treading all over each other, in futile attempts to get the hell outta’ there as fast as possible. I, on the other hand, was patiently waiting for the stampede to subdued before making a wild dash to the corridors, where I am my chums have spent many a glorious hours, debating on Global Warming and the impending natural crises that are going to strike once the earth can take no more. Pretty tame stuff.

Unfortunately, today was a replay of yesterday, which was a replay of the day before, which was a replay of the day before the day before, which was… basically, what happened today, happens EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter how much I try to explain to my buddies that it is NOT OKAY to hurl themselves at me when I have just recollected my wits after experiencing a minor typhoon of swarming class mates.

Regrettably, they never seem to get a hang on this, so what I get every lunch period is:

  1. The chaos of a classroom outbreak
  2. SEVEN of my pals thrust upon me
  3. Absolutely NO peace of mind

And, as a combined outcome of all of the above;

  1. A THROBBING headache

Apparently, this is not enough. My friends expect me to pay individual attention to them. Our lunch-time conversations go somewhat like this:

Me: So, um, Greta?? How’s your art project going??

Greta: It’s super!!

Tasha: Have you tasted the Tortilla Chips down at Mexican Bay?? It is MAGNIFIQUE!!!

Me: I’ll be sure to try ‘em!!

Isabelle: Is it just me or do ALL socks stink??

Me: I don’t think it’s just you, dude, I seriously don’t…

Carmen: Okay, so why do the NERDS have to strut around with Science text books?? We get it already!!

Me: Point.

Kylee: Man, I hate French!!!!!

Me: AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[This happens again and again till I throw up in the girl’s room. Which, BTW, is SO not pretty]

So there you have it. An HOUR in the life of me, pre-teen drama queen Taylor Skarr.

All this talk has made me exhausted. I think I’ll go lie down for a bit.


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