21.08.2013, Wednesday, 4:13 pm

21.08.2013, Wednesday, 4:16 pm

Back to school. It is SO GOOD. Although I really enjoyed the time I spent at home, wallowing in self pity [courtesy my chicken friggin’ pox], I am REALLY GLAD to be slaving away at school nowadays.

I have SO MUCH to tell you, DeDe!! Let me begin with the monthly project that Miss Belle [Political Science teacher] had sprung upon us during seventh period; Civics. She has announced that we, the students [or elves {funny, right??}, in French] of the seventh grade at George Bush Middle School are going to have to create an original product. We’ll have to design, title and… -Wait for it- … PROFESSIONALLY ADVERTISE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy!!!! One of the main reasons of my ecstasy is that I have AWESOME team members, including Ashley and Stella, two GREAT pals. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just been hit by a wave of unmodified ELATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >laughs gleefully<

You must be thinking, ‘Who is this nutty, twelve-year-old female and WHY does she get SUPER HAPPY about some stupid extra-credit venture??’ Well, I’m not sure I can answer your question, if that’s what your wondering right now, partially because I’M SO EXULTANT!!!!

The product that we’re advertising is a box of ultra nutritious corn flakes. The original name of the snack [which the rest of my team had named while I was at home on sick-leave] was “Cereality,” but as I didn’t exactly “get it,” [the name, I mean] I suggested the title I had in mind, “Cerealicious,” which was accepted readily enough by my team-mates. The ad goes like this:


Narrator [backstage]: Two mad scientists are working on a healthy breakfast option for kids around the globe.

Mad Scientist #1 [MS1]: I’m glad we’ve set our minds about this. To me, it seems like all the children of today eat for their morning meal is a slice of buttery toast that won’t even last the trip to school!!

Mad Scientist #2 [MS2]: I completely agree. It’s either a slice of bread or bowl of chocolaty gunk that does more bad than good!!

> Silence for a while. MS1 and MS2 stir up and add queer looking potion into a boiling cauldron<

MS1: Okay, a few more finishing touches…

MS2: …Should do the trick!!

MS1: A drop of this…

MS2: And a tinge of that…

MS1: and finally, we have…

MS2: …The secret ingredient!!

MS1: Voila! We’ve created cereal history!!

MS2: Yes, now hassled mums won’t have to waste so much time preparing a meal that no one eats.

MS1: >Tastes a spoon of the invention< YUM!! It’s so scrumptious!!

MS2:  Not only is this cereal delicious, it is VERY healthy, and contains a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but all in a limited proportion that is tailored to suit every child’s needs!!


MS1: Wait a minute, Arkbald. Just because we like it, doesn’t mean the general under-18 population of the world will prefer it over other cereals, too. So let’s hold a taste-test; we’ll invite children from different parts of the world; Okinawa, Syria, Israel, you name it; and they’ll be the judges.

MS2: Great idea, Osborne!!


Narrator: So the two crazy geniuses called in children from all the four corners of the world to attend their grand tasting occasion.

Australian kid to MS1: Its great, mate!!

Indian kid to MS2: Bahuth achcha hai, masterji!! [Translation: That was nice, sir!!]

American kid to MS1: Awesome, man!!

British kids to MS2: Lovely, absolutely lovely!!

Eskimo kids to MS1: >Flashes thums up<

MS1: It seems like our product is a hit!! This calls for celebration, our first success!!

MS2: You said it, to the pub!!

MS1: It’s time to PARTAY!!!


Rap artist: [That’s ME!!!] Oh, yeah it’s breakfast time; and we dunno how to rhyme; but that’s okay; as long as you get what we say; Cerealicious has got chocolate and cream; it’s so good you’ll wanna scream!!; With honey so sweet; But not a problem to your teeth; It’s yummy and delicious… [trails off]

Rest of the cast: COZ’ IT’S CEREALICIOUS!! Yeah, yeah CEREALITIOUS!! [Repeats 1,7,85 times]

Weird-kid-hose-name-I-haven’t-really-got-a-hang-off: It’s nutritious!!

See?? Wasn’t that THE greatest ad in the history of mankind?? I’M SO DELIGHTED!!!! A lot of my joy right now has got to do with my team members. They’re so AWESOME!!! We’ve got the best group EVER!!!!!! Here are some of the fantabulous members:

  1. 1.      Ashley and Stella, two of my really close pals, are part of the crew. That sentence kind of speaks for itself.
  2. 2.      We have James Write, the science nerd, as a part of our troupe. He’s the one to call up when you want to translate something from ordinary-person-language to scientist-speak.
  3. Jessica Hayes, the gadget guru of the grade, is one of the players. She provided us with excellent background music, and solved all of our technical problems with the help of Lou Aster, the school’s electrician.

Cool right?? Oh, and to top this perfectly perfect day, guess what happened?? I got a perfect score in my French Grammaire test and during Girl Guides…

I GOT ELECTED LEADER OF MY PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY, MY CHEEKS HURT FROM SMILING SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vote was unanimous. I was so pleased that I personally thanked each and every Guide who voted for me [which was basically every girl…].

And to add to my bliss, I keep getting reminded about the karate exam which I topped and came away with THREE MORE gold medals to add to my stash. Not that I’m boasting or anything. How vain would that be?!??!

Ooh, I’m DELIRIOUS WITH JOY!!!!!!!!! Oops, Ashley is ringing me on the cordless. I wonder what’s up. Talk to you later, DeDe!! >Slams journal shut<


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