16.08.2013, Friday, 4:48 pm

I like to think of myself as brave. But I know that when it comes to nightphobia [the syndrome that forces you to be afraid of shadows and the dark for your whole life] I stand NO CHANCE of ever being cured.

Take yesterday, for instance. In the afternoon, mum had declared that it was time I moved back to my room [I had been sleeping with her while my chicken pox was in it’s initial stages]. I responded to that with complain after complain, but mum wouldn’t hear it. In the end, I had to give in. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?? My mother can be VERY obstinate when she wants to.

So, last night, I meekly scrubbed my teeth and allowed mum to “tuck me in” [just because I’m twelve doesn’t mean mum’s going to stop singing me to sleep. Yeah, fine, I’ll admit it; my mother hums a lullaby in order for me to fall asleep. Get over it already!!].

After her regular nightly ritual, mum waltzed away to her room, leaving me all alone, amidst a chamber filled-to-the-brim with lurking spirits and sinister secrets waiting to be uncovered… [Do I watch a lot of horror films or WHAT??] I tried to sleep, I really did, but to no avail. I couldn’t even gab the night away with Kathryn because she is ONE sleepy head and is dead to the world seconds after her head hits the pillow.

I spent the rest of the night in complete fright. I wanted to make a wild dash to the master bedroom across the hall, but I guess I chickened out. I tried to count sheep, and went on till 5,479 before realizing that this activity was pointless.

The only thing that comforted me was Feni’s presence. She has this motherly air around her that’s hard to ignore, and after a few attempts to snooze, I found myself lying down next to my dog, whispering my fears to her for all I was worth. I guess that’s how mu would’ve found me in the morning if not for the fact that I STILL couldn’t get myself to nap.

I ended up staying awake the whole night. While the rest of the family snoozed away to glory, I was having a deeply personal conversation with Feni [maybe it’s just me, but I think even SHE fell asleep in the middle of our little “chat”].

The ironic part is, at the crack of dawn, when the first sun rays filtered the violet sky, I found myself yawning. I picked myself up and crawled back to bed, where I promptly fell asleep. Just as you would expect, the moment I fell asleep, the whole household began buzzing with the excitement of the new day.

Mum started her morning routine of trying to coax me out of bed. When I wouldn’t budge, she stood upright and mumbled, ‘The way she’s refusing to wake up, one would think she was awake the whole night!!’

Story of my life. >Frowns<


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