15.08.2013, Thursday, 8:23 pm

Um… So yeah, I’m twelve now.

Wow, it seems like one moment I was an innocent infant of two and the next, I’m a not-so-naive kid of TWELVE. It’s all passed in the blink of an eye. Next thing you know, I’ll be workaholic forty two year-old with a pot-belly and a strange addiction to profit-and-loss charts. [Looks like we got a wee bit carried away there, huh??]

Okay, I have GOT to stop making such a big deal out of this. It is  a certified FACT that majority of the world’s population [as of today] have already crossed their twelfth birthday. If that’s the case, then why raise a hue and a cry about it??

And sure, I’m never going to be eleven again, yada, yada, yada, but so WHAT?? Kathryn is never going to be nine again!! But does she make a big deal out of it?? No, she doesn’t. [unless you consider having a get-together with close pals a big deal]

Today was fun. A bit awkward, but fun nevertheless. [Who DOESN’T feel uneasy when chatting up distant relatives on the cordless??] Grandpa and Grandma showed up in the morning, and after wishing me en number of times, we [the Skarr bunch] settled on the front porch while nibbling on light refreshments.

There was ONE new experience that took place today, and it wasn’t even mine. Grandpa had his FIRST pint of beer in a CAN. He’s had ale before, but never in those weird, metallic canisters. So, GOOD FOR HIM!!! >Smiley face<

Both my grandparents didn’t buy me actual presents, just handed me a wad of cash. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted, because no WAY am I interested in dark maxis and goth make-up [Let’s face it; I don’t exactly warm to the idea of make-up itself].

But what I DO want are the “big bucks” so if I don’t win a scholarship to Oxford [Touch wood!!! Touch wood!!!! Touch wood!!!!] for some reason [To be honest with you, they can’t afford me!! >winks<] I can turn to my bank account for a couple thousand coins that should do the trick.

Anyway, after all the canapes were wiped off the plate [It’s a new Guinness World record: 7.34 minutes to ingest three platefuls of snacks!!!], I proudly flaunted my [sorry, OUR {I have to share it with my little brat of a sister}] KindleFire, and  we spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the web and viewing Gene Kelly musicals on YouTube.

After lunch, I realized that my pox were itching so bad. I could’ve scratched my thigh off, really. So mu gave me this syrup and the next thing you know, I’ve slept the evening away!! [Pretty strong stuff, eh?] I have just woken up from a five-hour long nap, and I sure feel REJUVENATED and ready to take on a new day, but unfortunately, I have snoozed the day away, so I have to be satisfied with taking on a new night [which isn’t the same thing, but her, at least I can take on something!!].

Now I’m here, typing on dad’s laptop [the Fire isn’t really efficient when it comes to lengthy blog posts, though I HAVE downloaded the WordPress app], pouring my heart out to a [possible] complete stranger while stuffing myself with a Mars bar. Story of my life. >Groans to self<

Oops, my seventh cousin [tell me about it] has apparently rung up mum’s cell and wants to wish me a Happy Birthday. I haven’t met her for the past EIGHT years, but she still insists on talking to me. [Surprised I haven’t been interrupted earlier this post to converse with Feni’s seventeenth uncle {Feni is my dog, and boy, doesn’t she have a large brood!!}]

Thanks for listening, DeDe. Talk to you later!! [Yeah, I end up doing most of the talking, don’t I?? >Grins<]


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