15.08.2013, Thursday, 12:01 am

Surprise!!!!! It’s my birthday today!!!!!! Laalalalaa!!!


That was weird.

I am SO NOT the I-get-super-excited-when-it’s-my-birthday kind of gal.

But I guess you would seriously doubt it, considering how I’m hunched over dad’s Lenovo laptop typing furiously about it in the dead of the night. Sometimes, I worry about myself, I really do.

Anyway, I guess it would be appropriate for me to now state that I, Taylor Skarr, am officially a kid [scratch that; preteen] with twelve years of experience on Planet earth.

[Do I sound ancient or do sound ancient??]

Can you believe that my brain [and a couple more organs that I am too tired to specifically mention] has been tirelessly working for twelve years solid?? Day in and day out, not even one moment’s rest, toiling away to glory. That is one incredible feat. Let’s face it, we puny humans, can’t even labour for twelve hour straight.

Changing the topic -since I’m not sure that I can drone on about employment for the rest of the entry- I really hope my parent’s haven’t bothered themselves too much with presents and the like this time. I would guess they haven’t because I have been pestering them not to purchase anything for me [see considerate how I am?]. Then again, I always do. You see, when I achieve something that I am proud of, I make it very clear that I want everybody to pamper me and tell me how much they appreciate it. But I find it hardly a triumph to be BORN. I mean, I can assure you that every single pedestrian that passes your way has a birthday [duh!].



I’m beginning to sound like a sickly pessimist who can do nothing but pen down her negative views on just about everything in her virtual journal. Which I am not. You see, after much pondering, I have decided that what I really am is a realist. I see things the way they are.

The rest of my family, on the other hand, are optimists. I half think they imagine pink unicorns trotting on cotton-candy clouds and sugary rainbows, but I haven’t quite clarified that with them yet. [I’m lingering out of the topic again. Gosh, it’s like I have this weird disability which causes me to ramble about such absurd subjects that I end up forgetting what I’d originally wanted to write about!!]

Well, it’s bordering on 12:10 am right now. My eyes don’t feel like they can stay open for much longer. And I have a long walk back to my room. [Breaking into the computer’s abode is so not easy. I had to silently –so as to not wake up my snitch of a sister- slide open the French window, tip toe across the stoned path through the manicured lawns that were soggy with dew, crawl across the moonlit courtyard to the study; only to find out that the door was locked!! {Typical} I retraced my footsteps, and by the time I was in front of the imposing door for the second time that night, I was sneezing continuously. It’s a wonder my parents haven’t figured out my antics yet]

I guess I’d better be going. If my guardians hear the keyboard clicking at this time of night, they’re bound to think that it’s a burglar who is up to [naturally] no good.

Tata! [And don’t forget to secretly wish me a happy birthday, although I don’t think of aging as a great accomplishment. But you knew that, didn’t you??]


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