14.08.2013, Wednesday, 11:14 am

Oh. My. Gawd.

You will never IMAGINE what happened to me yesterday. NOT IN A TRILLION YEARS. So I think I’m going to let you in on it. Before you, I don’t know, BURST with suspense [hopefully, that’s not already happened]!!!! Here’s what took place yesterday evening-

I was perched in the study, blogging [duh!]; basically just chilling and taking full advantage of my last few days at home [the damn chicken pox is going away as soon as I start getting used to it!!!!] when I heard mum’s scarlet sedan pull up in the drive. I didn’t budge [hey! What do ya’ expect?? I’m a SICK PATIENT, okay?? I need my rest] and continued “working” on the machine.

In about five minutes, mum emerged at the door. ‘Hey sugar! Blogging?’ She asked, lugging the Coach purse slung around her shoulder. ‘Yeah, mum,’ I responded, shrugging [trying to act cool, you know?] ‘I think there’s a pretty special day coming up,’ mum hinted, obviously referring to my birthday [WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!!! {I have GOT to stop hallucinating every time I think about it!!}]. ‘Um… Yeah, I guess,’ I replied, starting to freak out. [Thanks a LOT for reminding me about “the day” mom]

‘Have you thought about what you want to do, honey?? Invite a couple of friends over or something??’ Mum suggested, strapping the designer hand-bag on a hook. ‘Well, I haven’t thought about it that much, since I’ve been, you know, occupied by more pressing matters,’ I reasoned, a subtle reminder that I still had red spots dabbed all over. Mum walked up and sat on the over-sized cushion next to me. ‘I know these past few days have been trying,’ she said, leaving the rest unsaid. I nodded.

Mum walked over to her closet. She shoved it open and grabbed her notebook from one of the shelves. I watched her intently as she scribbled digits all over the ruled pages of her pad. I sighed inwardly. Poor mum, she works so hard these days, I thought to myself. I began fervently hoping that she wouldn’t bother too much with a gift for me this year. [Let’s face it, my three gold medals and the fact that I topped my karate class thus redeeming myself was MORE than anything I could ever hope for. Except a couple of Grammy awards. And Booker prizes. But all in good time, eh??]

I opened my inbox and groaned at the dozens of mails that were literally fighting to get out. Although it’s really cool that most of my pals care so much about what’s keeping me from school, sometimes you can’t help but feel EXHAUSTED by the way they spend EVERY SPARE SECOND texting someone or the other. I mean, one of my BFF’S, Greta has mailed me SEVEN TIMES in the past two hours. That’s over-doing it a bit, don’t you agree, DeDe?? It gets on my nerves sometimes, the way they can’t keep their thumbs still.

Anyway, I penned off quick replied to most of the messages before inwardly growling and shutting off the computer. It probably needed the rest. I gruffly twisted open the hot water tap in preparation of a nice, hot bath. Which is usually a LONG affair, because it consists of FIVE steps. a] Letting the luke-warm water fill about a quarter of the bucket then b] allowing the cold water to flow till the bucket is filled-to-the-brim before c] emptying half the pail because the water turns out to be too cold and then d] refilling it a couple hundred times [I have NEVER got the right proportion at one shot. Ever] and finally e] actually pouring the water on myself.

So you see, it’s not that simple an event. So -back to the post- after about half an hour of this tiring practice, I had finally accomplished what I’d set out to do- bathe. As I stepped out onto the soft, furry mat [don’t worry, it isn’t REAL fur. I wouldn’t stand for it. At least, not in MY house. Sorry, sorry mum, OUR house] Kathryn came bounding towards me. ‘Look Taylor!! Look, mum bought us a new case for the iPad mini!!’ she shrieked. By her level of excitement, I just KNEW something was up. [At the same moment, I realized that mum was no longer jotting down numbers on her book. In fact, she was nowhere to be seen]

She thrust a hot pink [although I like to consider myself the least girly-girl on the block {a fact my buddies will gladly affirm} I have no bias against color. In fact, I think that when guys stick their tongues out at anything pink because it is a “feminine hue” I think it’s pure, unadulterated stupidity] cover in my hands. At once, I knew it HAD to be something more than just a tablet slip-on because of two reasons:

1. Kathryn was literally touching the roof, she was jumping so hard. And I know for a fact that she doesn’t get hyper when in close quarters with gadget protectors. Plus,

2. Come on! It was WAY too heavy to be just an empty cover!!

But I played along. I kind of guessed what it was actually all about. ‘Come on, we want you to check the um… inside. Why don’t you open it, Tay??’ Kathryn asked, her eyes going wide with glee. So I carefully pushed open the flap and VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Encased inside was…

A KINDLE FIRE HD [7″]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ACTUALLY screamed. Really. I was so happy, I could see stars dance all around the chamber. ‘OMIGOSH!!! OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ I yelped, prancing around the four-poster bed. ‘It’s all ours, sis!’ Kathryn gushed. Somehow, I felt faint. Probably because I had never DREAMED of receiving something so great for my birthday. And when my sis said that it was OURS [which, I was hoping, meant Kathryn’s and mine to do whatever we wanted with it] I couldn’t help but screech out ‘Omigosh’ another zillion times. I was SO HAPPY. [Correction: I AM so happy. Just because it’s the next morning doesn’t mean I’m less hyper about it]

I’ve already downloaded an antivirus and a couple of free apps that will sure come in handy [including one that will let me access my blog whenever I want to!!! How cool is THAT?!!??] in the long run. I haven’t completely figured out the whole thing yet, but I’ve only just started. Boy, I can’t wait to tell my chums about this!!!!! The best part is, the Kindle Fire seems like a REWARD for my success at my karate competition, more than a present. And [part and parcel of being so zany] I like achieving things for a reason more than as a present. So I guess I’m happier this way.

Okay, looks like I’ve got to log off. I still need to decipher what a couple of the symbols on the home screen mean and how to take ABSOLUTE advantage of this brilliant gadget. Oh, and download this AWESOME software that updates me on all the blogs I’m following. I am in HEAVEN. On EARTH 🙂 [Like Hannah Montana would say, The best of BOTH worlds 😉 ]


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