13.08.2013, Tuesday, 4:27 pm

Crunching on an extra-nut, vegetarian Twix as I type this out. Two words for ya’- SHEER BLISS. I can feel the nectar ooze out onto my seasoned tongue. Mwah, what a feeling!! What joy, what taste what quality!! [Wow, I guess I really should check out chocolate-tasting as a possible career path. I’ve tasted so many that the road is already paved. {Well, what  do ya’ know?? Just when I was reluctant to choose between writing and psychology and all sorts of the other vocations I’d picked out for myself, this happens!!} I wonder if they do PhD’s in palate training… Maybe one day the world will think of my as one of the legends; a great who made sure that not a single chocolate that lacked quality was sold… There are SO MANY opportunities, you just need to identify it]

Moving on [to a less insane topic], I was flipping through the latest Dork Diaries edition when >WHAM!< I noticed that, splashed right across the side of the book, in bold letters, were the words Simon and Schuster printed in black and white [pink and brown to be more precise]. I felt a wave of nausea attack me and began feeling a bit queasy in the stomach. You’d think after eleven [twelve in two days] years of experience, I wouldn’t feel faint every time I spot a book published by a decent publishing house, but I do. I feel weird and sick and ready to throw out last night’s dinner. Call it a hormonal reaction, but I’ telling you, you’re reading the work of one wacky girl.  [Okay, maybe this topic isn’t less insane, because it DEFINITELY has a fair amount of quirkiness]

After a lot of though [which means roughly about five minutes of pondering] I have come to the conclusion that November is going to be quite a chaotic period. For starters, I have a karate tournament coming up during that month, my uncle is coming to visit after FOUR YEARS [wow, that IS  along time]. Oh, and my mum’s BFF’s youngest brother is getting married. How’s that for ya’? Busy enough?? I can see myself running in circles, trying to help while stay out of my mother’s way.

Oh no. My birthday’s day after tomorrow. Damn it!! I wanna’ stay eleven forever, you know what I mean?? Twelve seems like too big a number for a half-baked kid like me, you know what I mean?? There have been SO MANY awesome things that have happened to me during the past year:

1. I added another national Gold to my collection

2. Earned my first trophy

3. Won my second award

4. Topped my class in my karate exam and managed to achieve three more gold medals in that too

And I could go on. But it brings back so many joyous memories, dozens of thoughtful reminisces that I’m going to have to leave behind in two days time. Something I’m going to do with MUCH reluctance, that I can assure you. I don’t want to grow up. I’m not ready to leave all this behind yet. But it’s going to have to be done. In [less than] 48 hours.




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