12.08.2013, Monday, 5:12 pm

The scene at Villa No. 13 [a.k.a MY house] on the twelfth of August, 2013, 5:12 pm precisely:

Feni: Licking her you-know-what. Seems very content. [Note-to-self: Figure out why exactly she derives so much pleasure from this -for the want of a better word- activity]

Mummy: Reclining on the easy-chair with a novel titled Walking Ollie cradled in the crook of her arms. I’m guessing it won’t be long before she’s happily parading the streets of the land of Nod.

Daddy: Intently watching the ASHES come alive on the 42-inch telly. He is oblivious to the world; it’s just him and his cricket at the moment.

Kathryn [sister]: Studying [as usual]. Can’t drag her away from her texts. She looks so solemn she may forget to breathe.

Me: Typing this post on the desktop. Wants to crunch on a cookie from the biscuit tin, but has to stick to stupid diet because of the chicken pox. Curses under breath.


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