12.08.2013, Monday, 3:5 pm

Just finished watching this inspirational film on a songstress who loses it all and manages to make it to the top for a second time after all. It has opened my eyes.

I have always pictures my future to be filled with Grammy awards, Booker prizes, magazine articles, fans screaming out my name and rubbing-elbows-with-celebs-who-take-me-who-incluse-me-as-one-of-them. I hope that in ten years [max], that will be my life, a reality, a dream come true.

I just want someone to give me a chance, someone to think, “Hey, that wee little lass ain’t so bad after all!” and then let me express myself, give me an opportunity to work to my potential. Not that I’m cribbing that my parents haven’t provided me with platforms to showcase my talent. Oh, if I’m complaining about that, what I really need is a kick in the rear end.

But I’m not. I will wholeheartedly agree that my mum and dad have always done the best for me, always, it’s just that I need to hit it BIG time, and to hit it BIG time, you need a WAY bigger stage, you know what I’m saying?? I don’t want to appear ungrateful, I’m just stating things the way they are, you know??

Anyway, I’ve got to go, crack a few crosswords, complete couple Sudoku [gotta’ keep those brain juices flowing!] but I’ll get back to ya’, DeDe, sometime later, okay?? Tata for now, Taylor

Over and OUT!! 😛


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