12.08.2013, Sunday, 10:09 pm

On Skype with my uncle and his family [a.k.a my cousins and Aunt]. Miss them so much. So so much. Great news is that they’re back in the country in December. I am SO glad. So so glad.

I feel so comforted whenever my mum’s busily chatting up her bro. I love it. It gives me this lovely feeling of warmth and family connection, you know what I mean?? Oops, I’ve got to go. My relatives want me to converse. Tata!


One thought on “12.08.2013, Sunday, 10:09 pm

  1. We love chatting with you guys too.Technology is so great that we get to converse in real time with video ,a far cry from $9 a minute for overseas phone calls just a decade ago.We should make this a regular feature….

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