11.08.2013, Sunday, 11:14 am

Just downed a bowl of steaming milk with sugared corn-flakes. One word for you- Yum!! I must say, there are some parts of this diet that I can live with.

Reading Prison Diaries by Jeffrey Archer. It sure is providing me with a couple valuable insights. Like how he has to survive on packets of salted crisps and aerated beverages. I, for one, could DEFINITELY get used to THAT!!! Oh, and [I almost forgot, almost] there was a “surprise” [and quite a pleasant one, at that] waiting for me when I woke up this morning, and I was so astonished that I almost bounced off the bed!!!

It all began like this. I was dreaming about a dancing circus of hippos and zebras [not unlike Madagascar 3] when I felt someone come and sit next to me [isn’t it weird how I “feel” things like that?? Maybe I’m partially psychic…]. I fluttered my eyes open and observed a silhouette seated on the side of the divan. “It” petted my head and kept murmuring something that sounded like ‘It’s time for you to get up, Taylor,’ so I guessed it was mum [let’s face it, who except my mother says that six thirty in the morning is a good time for an on-the-verge of DYING {okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated} patient to stir??].

So I went, ‘Five minutes more,’ and pulled my blanket back on.  Which is when she announced the arrival of “it.” ‘Darling, there’s a little present waiting for you on the dining table, it came in the post today,’ my mummy declared. That sent me shooting out of the warmth of the linen. The next second, I made my way back  to the master bedroom, clutching the gift-wrapped parcel with all I’d got. My mother beckoned for me to come closer.

‘Here it is, mum,’ I said, gingerly positioning it on a soft spot where the bed was most comfy. ‘Go on, open it,’ mum prodded. I nipped off to the kitchen and returned with a sharp pair of scissors. Mum took it for me and began snipping off bits of colorful chart and Disney characters. I observed all this with awe, why, mum sure was cutting with a lot of tact!! It seemed to me at that moment that mums come equipped into this world with a ton of household talents that really do come in handy sometimes. Most of the time. Oh, all right, I’ll admit it, ALL the time.

Anyway, in no time at all, mum had unwrapped the present. In it was a beautiful card attached a most magnificent t-shirt that had a marvelous lace edge and tasteful prints and all sorts of exquisite decorations and I couldn’t help but feel so happy [even though I am quite a casual dresser {to an extent mum says that I practically wear rags} and will have nothing to do with make up] and, at the same time, so grateful to Aunt Sue for her thoughtful gift.

This is what the card said:


Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Have a great day and year ahead!!! You are the finest teenager I know and hope you like the gifts.


Wasn’t that super sweet of her?? [Although, may I point out with all due respect, I am turning twelve, and hardly suitable for the title of a teen] I will forever treasure the note and the elegant top that goes with it. It’s dyed in my favorite shade of violet. Oh, I can’t wait to try it out on my birthday.

Well, so long, DeDe, till we meet again!!


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