10.08.2013, Saturday, 7:52 pm

Preparing to watch an episode of “Keeping up Appearances,’ this British comedy that was released in the nineties. It’s absolutely excellent in all perspectives and [I think] would be enjoyed by people with all senses of humor. Like ‘Mind Your Language,’ another great serial. Look at me, jabbering away about English television all of a sudden!!

Anyway, today has been uneventful. The pox has decreased considerably and my face is looking less of the spotted jungle that it used to look when the disease first accommodated itself on me. The blisters are drying up and reducing themselves, but I do hope they’d get a move on now. It’s been SIX days already, and I can’t say it’s been even a little pleasurable. I must admit that the worst part is the diet and the way my pals have to isolate me and the unbearable itchiness that [almost] sends tears to my eyes. The only good thing that has been the fact that my parent’s have been pampering me like as if I have been away at the army for a few years.  I’ve been showered with every delicacy that my now-delicate palate can handle.

Feni [my Labrador] is tagging along everywhere I go. I think she knows I’m ill. People say that animals sense that sort of thing. That’s pretty cool, eh?

Well, all I’m basically doing all day is surfing YouTube and asking my mum to refill my can of Diet Coke. Oh, and stuffing my snout with caramel popcorn. Not exactly enhancing my resume or anything, but I’ve decided to let it slip for a wile. Just till I get my life back on track. After the pox goes away, that is. Which is going to take a while. I guess. My parent’s are positive that this is going to get over before Monday, but I’m not so sure about it.

Although I miss it, I’m in no hurry to return to school. A few more days of relaxing, that’s the way I see it. Oops, I got to go watch some “weird nonsense” on the T.V, that’s the way mum tastefully put it anyway. What am I watching, you want to know?? Don’t ask.


2 thoughts on “10.08.2013, Saturday, 7:52 pm

  1. Glad you’re getting better…I have another old English series you might like…Dads army.Check out an episode you may be hooked.

    • Thank you SO MUCH for your helpful inputs and soothing remarks, Uncle G!!! I’d rather like to inform you that the whole family is eagerly waiting for you, aunt Savi and the little ones to grace our humble abode.
      Lots of Love [which, I’ve realized, is also long for LOL],

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