10.08.2013, Saturday, 11:05 pm

SO IRRITATED WITH MY MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! I generally try to keep my wits about whenever my parents are concerned. But mum has gone TOO far this time, TOO far.

Well, this is what happened. My grandma, my sister and my mother were huddled over the iPad mini, conversing with Uncle Glen who is located in the States at the moment. I was typing away at the computer [as usual], chatting with one of my friends who I hadn’t heard of in a long time. Anyway, this is what took place:

Uncle Gordon: Have you watched the second season of Keeping Up Appearances yet??

Mum: Yeah have we ever!! We are getting through the series pretty fast after all

Grandma G: Yes, I’m getting the hang of it

Mum: Taylor and Kathryn are such dedicated viewers… Wait >thrusts Kathryn in front of the camera< let me get Taylor

Grandma: She’s in the study, going on about her blog or whatever her website is

Kathryn: >Buries her face in mum’s lap<

Grandma: >Murmurs something inaudible to my highly trained ear<

Mum: TAYLOR!!!!!! COME HERE!!!!!!!!! UNCLE GORDON WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: No, I’ll chat tomorrow, mum!!!

Mum: Oh, Gordon, she’s shy because her face has a few spots. That chicken pox is changing  her, that’s for sure.


So I hurl a bottle of mosquito repellent at my sister [Gawd knows why] and storm into the storage closet where I slam the door shut. Here I am now. Gawd, it is SO ANNOYING TO HEAR THE ADULTS MAKE ABSOLUTE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES WHILE TRYING TO BE HUMOROUS IN THE LEAST. Well, most of that takes places on this side of the world.

I have to go sleep. Night night, DeDe!!


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