04.08.2013, Sunday, 2:57 pm [FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!]

Remember I told you about the writing competition that was held yesterday [which I attended]?? Well, here’s the write-up that I submitted [under the topic “If I Could Talk To Animals…”]. Take a look:

Just before thirteen-year old Indigo Bleu could twist the knob of the door that led to her room, she heard something scuttling behind her. ‘Who goes there?’ she demanded, her face turning a milky white, just before she spotted the shaggy mane of her pet dog, Tyson. ‘Oh, its only you, darling,’ she said, heaving a sigh.

‘You really do need to get those books dusted,’ her puppy noticed, enthusiastically wagging his tail. Indigo froze. ‘You… you spoke??’ she asked, her legs trembling. ‘Surprised me too,’ her dog said, inching towards her. Indigo was going to bellow her mum’s name in fright, when her Cocker Spaniel put his petite paws against his snout as if to say, ‘Shush, Indigo! I’m not going to hurt you…’

Indigo gathered her wits and breathed calmly, trying to take in the fact that her dog [yes, you read right, her DOG] had just conversed with her. ‘Don’t be afraid, I don’t want to hurt you,’ Tyson assured. ‘Come, sit down,’ he suggested, patting the bean bag that was flung onto the carpeted floorboards before him. Indigo nodded, and flopped onto the couch that her pup had gestured to. When she realized that Tyson was looking at her as if expecting her to say something, she racked her brains for a suitable responce. ‘Umm… What is it like? Being you, I mean,’ she asked. ‘Oh, it’s terrible,’ Tyson expressed with an exaggerated shudder.

‘To answer your question in more detail, let me take you through a typical day in the life of me, Tyson Bleu,’ he stated. Indigo clasped her hands around her knees in anticipation  ‘Well, it starts when mum ushers me out of my cozy duvet at around eight in the morning. I beg for a few extra minutes of slumber, but my pleas falls on deaf ears. So I trot down the stairs and give you a parting lick before that beast of a school bus snatches you away from me for the rest of the day. I spend the next couple of hours trailing mummy around the house. As soon as the grandfather clock chimes half past twelve, I begin subtly reminding mum about my mid-day meal. After roughly about fifteen minutes, mum bustles into the kitchen and prepares a steaming lunch. I relish every morsel.’ Tyson smacked his tongue.

‘Well, after my bowl of kibble, I curl up in the master bedroom for a siesta. I dream about ice-creams and chews and  a slim waistline. Daddy interrupts my snooze in a few hours. After a feeble protest, I patiently await your arrival. As soon as the imposing vehicle halts in front of the yard, I joyously march up to you and give you a royal welcome.

‘Once you have entered your study, it is confirmed that you will not emerge till twilight sets in. So I find a suitable nook where I nap for a little more time. What can I say? I need my twenty-two hours of beauty sleep!! Anyway, once you reappear from that dreaded study, you set off for dinner. I, like a devoted buddy, flop onto your feet and don’t budge till you’ve wiped out the last crumb on the plate. As soon as the family has dined, mum serves my dinner which I happily munch. After slurping up my last snack of the day, I follow you to your room before slumping down beside your four-poster bed.

‘Thus ends a satisfactory day in the life of busy-body Tyson Bleu, a workaholic who never rests for a moment,’ Tyson groaned dramatically to which Indigo could only smile.

[Do you like it??]

Oh, and do you remember that to-do list which I had written about earlier this year?? [“Earlier This Year” as in fifteen days ago] Well, I haven’t been mentioning it for a while because it is FINALLY accomplished 🙂 Cool, right?? I thought it would take ages, but I finished it in a fortnight! In your face, to-do list!!! You can’t intimidate ME!!!!

And… TODAY IS FRIENDSHIP DAY!! [Seriously, why am I even feeling happy about this??] Mum says I need to phone all my close buddies and thank them for being there when I needed them. Yeah, right. But I’m going to do it anyway, just to make mum happy. [THAT, my fiend, is a SELFLESS deed] Oh, and I have another HUGE burden on my shoulders. I’m supposed to be having a birthday party within the coming week, but I’m not sure who to invite. Sure, I could just request the whole school to turn up and call it a day, but hello?? I obviously cannot do that. [Because, frankly speaking, three fourth of the student body at George Bush Middle School are dweebs] The thing is, there are TONS of girls who have invited me to THEIR birthday bashes, and I would REALLY like to return the favor, but would that mean that the others will feel left out?? I don’t want ANYONE to feel left out.

Oh no. Somehow, I can always trust me to get myself into a muddle. Always.


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