03.08.2013, Saturday, 8:02 pm

No!!!!! I have just remembered that in a fortnight’s time, I will be >GULP!< twelve years old! [Wow, still surprises me how OLD I’ve become. Twelve years?? I’d say that’s a PRETTY mighty number!] Please, dear[est!] Lord, if you exist, stall the dreaded day mentioned above as much as possible… Please!! Oh, how fast time flies when you want it to just HALT for a couple of years…  Anyway, I’ve decided to relish my last days of eleven. I’m not exactly sure how, but I somehow will.

Moving on [since I can’t drone about aging for the next five hundred {odd} words], let me tell you more about today. It began well enough. By that I mean, mum prodded me to get up at six o’clock in the morning [though its a SATURDAY] and pleaded with me to get changed in a hurry because I had a writing competition lined up for later that day. Wondering what its all about? Well, it had all started a few weeks ago, when I submitted one of my literary works to a website, and it was [apparently] good enough for the next round. So that’s why my mother was in such a frenzy just to get me out of bed.

After realizing that my feeble protests to budge out the comfy linen fell on deaf ears, I roused myself and drowsily scrubbed my teeth with a new tube of pineapple [can it GET more tropical than that?] toothpaste. Gulping down glass after glass of water [something I do every morning. It has become so much of a habit, that if I don’t drink at least a liter of water in the morning, my throat feels as parched as the Sahara], I slipped into comfy clothes before downing bowls of choco puffs served with a generous quantity of [cow’s] milk. As soon as my parent’s ended their hearty morning-meal, daddy loaded us into his azure sedan and we sped off to the destination [half-way around town]. The ride was pleasant, and by the time we reached the appointed hall, I found myself in the best of moods.

One hour, many electronic errors and one hell of a short story later, the whole Skarr family was shoved into the luxury automobile. ‘Where to?’ Dad inquired, addressing my sister and I. ‘Well… Let mum decide,’ I stated, figuring that my mother could come up with a way better schedule [mum’s talented in far-flung fields, that I can assure you!] that I ever could. So this is what we did during the next six hours:

Six hours in the life of PreTeen Drama Queen, Taylor Skarr:

12:34: Reached a restored fort that had been renovated from ruins a few years ago. Marveled at the well preserved armors and the textures walls.  

1:59 pm: Exited the museum [but not before learning a LOT about the State’s culture]

2:43 pm: Rambled along dirt roads. Sent bits of flint flying to the faces of unsuspecting pedestrians [SORRY!!!]

2:57 PM: Dined at a fairly decent cafe [where we hogged on pasta and a slice of the most heavenly delicacy of them all; Tiramisu!]

3:54 pm: Checked-out the nearby Broadway bookstore [bought a couple… couple hundred!!!]

4:34 pm: Headed homeward

7:12 pm: Changed for bed

9:00 pm: Watched brilliant movie

11:35 pm: Bade goody-bye to my most special notebook! 😉

Nighty Night, DeDe! [Dear Diary]


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