29.08.2013, Thursday, 6:54 pm


Just back from an EXTREME karate class. Oh, Gawd, I can barely STAND UP without scowling in pain [yup, it really is possible to grimace in pain]. We had, like, the most GRUELING session in the HISTORY of MANKIND!! I mean, first we did a gazillion push up, followed by a trillion tummy-crunches. Then, we squatted on our haunches and hopped THREE WHOLE ROUNDS around the dojo.
Oh, and that’s not all!! As soon as we completed the circulations around the spacious room, the students [that’s us] were commanded to stretch their limbs like on would squeeze out the water from a damp cloth. I twisted and turned myself in ALL possible directions.

I am SO thoroughly exhausted. And a hundred per cent sure that my legs are going to be as stiff as a corpse by tomorrow. [Sometimes, I wonder whether I have been put on this earth to enhance it with my intellect or to be inhumanely tortured by the people with whom I interact with on a daily basis]

Wait a minute… Maybe if I think of an ultra-relaxing way to spend the next few hours before I fall asleep, my legs will be back to normal by tomorrow morning [it had BETTER be, that’s all I’m saying. If anyone catches my hobbling about like my Great-Grandpa Max when he fractured his leg, I’m DEAD-meat]. Of course, my scheme will have to include the mega-unwinding-potential luxuries like:

Spending an hour [at least] watching Supernatural on AXN. [Gawd, I love that show!! Especially when the innocent victims are brutally murdered…]

Crunching at least two tubs of BUTTERY popcorn

Reciting a few of my newest poems to Feni [my dog]

IM-ing my close mate, Greta

Just chilling in mum’s room with the air conditioner on at max


27.08.2013, Tuesday, 5:01 pm


Today started out OK. It began as I cautiously made my way into the buzzing classroom. The teacher had not yet arrived [which would explain why everyone had divided themselves into cliques and were chatting in hushed tones] and the whole class was surrounded by a bubble of… well, just plain nervousness.

It seemed like everyone felt shifty and a wee bit at unease. ‘Get your butt over here!’ Stella hissed before I could make any sense out of what had happened to my “colleagues” [as Coach Krammer calls them]. And suddenly, it hit me! Of course, the kids felt a bit nervy because of the Advertisement Project [You know, the one where our team was going to advertise a box of corn flakes]!!

My group, on the other hand, treated the whole assignment like it was a no-brainer. Which is most probably because they didn’t know what was at stake if we didn’t deliver a BREATHTAKINGLY remarkable performance. Which was HALF of this term’s English grade!! Talk about unnecessary burden. But, whatever.

I was confident that we would TOTALLY achieve straight A’s. I mean, duh!! The script was fab, the cast had roles that would bring out their acting potential, everyone had a speaking part [SO not easy. We have a THREE minute segment in which we have to have prominent screen-time for FIFTEEN children whose last intention was to co-operate?? Even a professional peace-maker would go nuts] AND a UNIQUE product [named by yours truly!!]. We had it ALL!!

That is, until we had a run-through during the third period [Miss Chester was absent. What’s new??] and NOBODY [with the exception of the ones who actually PAID any attention during the so-called rehearsals] knew where to stand or where to head to next. It was a WRECK. Roland and Gerard kept bumping into each other while Cathy kept saying “BRAK-fe-ST” instead of “breakfast.”Which is INSANE because WHO can’t pronounce that word [except for immigrants and people with GENUINE disabilities. {And no, idiocy does NOT count as a genuine disability}] It’s not even GERMAN!!!

All in all, we had a ruin-of-a-practice. It was an absolute mess. ‘Umm… people say that if the dress-rehearsal goes wrong, the finals are always a success,’ Stella informed us while digging into a grilled BLT. To tell you the truth, she didn’t sound like she believed herself so much. ‘Sure, you keep telling yourself that,’ Gerard grumbled. ‘Dude, try not to be so optimistic all the time,’ I said, playing with my mushrooms. ‘I’m NOT being grouchy. It’s just that I happen to be the only one who can honestly face facts here,’ he said, shrugging. I threw a vegetable at him.

Well, THAT wasn’t a very smart move, because, in the end, the whole cafeteria was filled with students pelting tetra packs, bits of bread, ANYTHING they could get their hands on. Thankfully, canteen janitor, Mr Jenkins, heard the noise and put an end to our food fight. Come to think of it, that scene would’ve looked pretty movie-ish from a spectator’s point of view.

Anyway, as we appear to be drifting away from the topic, after the whole lunch brawl was but a distant memory, I felt my stomach churn, but this time, it was not because of how much our play thing sucked. Oh no. It was all ASHLEY’S FAULT!!!!!!!!!! Evidently, Miss Bere had informed the class about some weird G.K test she was taking [while I was stuck at home with chicken pox] and NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! Like as if I haven’t already had my share of fretting, thanks to the French Dictation I wasn’t aware of.

THANKFULLY, my G.K about the political life around me is [I wouldn’t even say mediocre] average [oh, wait. Don’t average and mediocre mean the same thing??], so I was able to somehow get through the test with an A.

Anyway, after that class, we had French. And BOY, did I get mad when Mademoiselle Zeline announced a pop quiz on verbs!! I had BARELY even FLICKED through my text books the past month. It was like the WHOLE SCHOOL was on a wicked plot to DESTROY even the slightest chance I had of getting into Oxford [with a tuition scholarship because NO WAY will I be able to save up that much]. Sadly for THEM, I happen to be quite good at languages and scored a perfect ninety four. Well, however perfect ninety-four is anyway.

LUCKILY, there were no more surprise tests after that because… everyone had to line up at the auditorium for the ad performances!!! I practically fell off my seat when Miss Peckman notified us about that fact that there were talent scouts in the audience who were willing to display the best skit on T.V!!!!!!!!! And not on a public access channel, either.

I have never heave into a bag so hard. Well, except for before my karate tournaments and exams. Oh, and that time when I was eleven [what a BABY!!] and had a piano recital on stage. As well as… okay, fine, I have been WAY more nervous than I was earlier today, as we mounted the soft steps that led to the Green Room. All the other teams were whispering frantically into each others ears. I guess our troupe must’ve seemed pretty collected, huh??

Anyway, I quickly marched on to the air conditioned Ladies’ Room along with a few other girls and slipped into my “Australian Outfit.” As I have a dual avatar on screen, I have to quickly murmur my Aussie lines before darting to the back wings and yanking on a baseball cap and my Black dyed jacket. As soon as I’ve zipped up the sweater [thus concealing my baby blue checked shirt], I will have to race back into the limelight and begin the rap part. Something I SO wasn’t looking forward to because:

  1. Just the fact that there would be PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE SCHOOL would be judging my song made me want to gag.
  2. My voice was trembling. Seriously. I felt like I was just about to catch a cold. A FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, before I knew what had hit me, it began. Our play had officially started!! I observed carefully as Gordon and Arthur strode onto the dimly lit stage and paraded [with all the confidence in the world] under the steady beam of light. The whole auditorium went silent as Arthur, depicting Mad Scientist #1, began the first part of his speech.

The whole thing went smoothly, and before I knew it, it was time for me to waltz next to them and verbalize my opinion based on the bowl of make-believe cereal they had offered me. ‘It’s great, mate!!’ I said, flashing a thums up. Then, as everyone’s attention was on the Eskimos who were about to tell the genii about what THEY felt, I crept behind the rest of the cast to where Stella was standing with my cap and hoodie.

‘Best of luck, Taylor!! Kick some opponent butt!!’ She encouraged, handing me my costume. I smiled and hurriedly pulled on the suit. Just in time for the final act. It was my time to SHINE!!

I boldly marched onto center stage and whipped the microphone from the stand. I clasped it in one hand while waving funky rapper-movements with the other. The rest of my team gathered behind me and began clapping to the beat. We had decided that there was no need for music during this scene.

I clumsily held the mic nearer to me before beginning my part. And when I did, I don’t know what came over me, but it SURE helped. I found myself floating in space with my dog [weird or WHAT??] while high-fiving a chimp [No comment]. It was all over and done in the blink of an eye and I found myself kind of regretting it when the whole thing had wrapped up.

There had been a thunderous applause that echoed all around the room as we silently trooped off the platform. Teachers kept congratulating us on what a well done performance it had turned out to be. And I was totally thinking, ‘There’s NO WAY the Talent Scout’s haven’t already short-listed us,’ when I realized that Miss Peckman had made it all up just so that we’d take this thing seriously!! That sure was a bummer.

But, hey! You can’t always have what you want, can you?? And I am SO NOT complaining. Because today was FANTABULOUS. It had all the ingredients needed to form a SCRUMDIDLEEYUMPTIOUS day, which included:

1. Best friends

2. After-parties

3.  A standing ovation

And last [but SO not the least];

4. A box of nutritious cereal >Winks<

26.08.2013, Monday, 8:17 pm


Currently reading:

  1. To Cut a Long Story Short [Archer]
  2. A Prison Diary [Archer]
  3. Overbite [Meg Cabot]
  4. Adrian Albert Mole [Townsend]

The above chart is TOTALLY irrelevant to what I’m about to tell you [Gawd knows why I even wrote it].Which is the fact that I am SO busy these days, I can hardly find the time to BREATHE, and I [for once] am SO NOT exaggerating.

Take today’s recess, for instance.

I was minding my own business [read: stomping about and creating a ruckus] during Mrs Fernandez’s fourth period when suddenly, the bell rang. The guys were treading all over each other, in futile attempts to get the hell outta’ there as fast as possible. I, on the other hand, was patiently waiting for the stampede to subdued before making a wild dash to the corridors, where I am my chums have spent many a glorious hours, debating on Global Warming and the impending natural crises that are going to strike once the earth can take no more. Pretty tame stuff.

Unfortunately, today was a replay of yesterday, which was a replay of the day before, which was a replay of the day before the day before, which was… basically, what happened today, happens EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter how much I try to explain to my buddies that it is NOT OKAY to hurl themselves at me when I have just recollected my wits after experiencing a minor typhoon of swarming class mates.

Regrettably, they never seem to get a hang on this, so what I get every lunch period is:

  1. The chaos of a classroom outbreak
  2. SEVEN of my pals thrust upon me
  3. Absolutely NO peace of mind

And, as a combined outcome of all of the above;

  1. A THROBBING headache

Apparently, this is not enough. My friends expect me to pay individual attention to them. Our lunch-time conversations go somewhat like this:

Me: So, um, Greta?? How’s your art project going??

Greta: It’s super!!

Tasha: Have you tasted the Tortilla Chips down at Mexican Bay?? It is MAGNIFIQUE!!!

Me: I’ll be sure to try ‘em!!

Isabelle: Is it just me or do ALL socks stink??

Me: I don’t think it’s just you, dude, I seriously don’t…

Carmen: Okay, so why do the NERDS have to strut around with Science text books?? We get it already!!

Me: Point.

Kylee: Man, I hate French!!!!!

Me: AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[This happens again and again till I throw up in the girl’s room. Which, BTW, is SO not pretty]

So there you have it. An HOUR in the life of me, pre-teen drama queen Taylor Skarr.

All this talk has made me exhausted. I think I’ll go lie down for a bit.

21.08.2013, Wednesday, 4:13 pm


21.08.2013, Wednesday, 4:16 pm

Back to school. It is SO GOOD. Although I really enjoyed the time I spent at home, wallowing in self pity [courtesy my chicken friggin’ pox], I am REALLY GLAD to be slaving away at school nowadays.

I have SO MUCH to tell you, DeDe!! Let me begin with the monthly project that Miss Belle [Political Science teacher] had sprung upon us during seventh period; Civics. She has announced that we, the students [or elves {funny, right??}, in French] of the seventh grade at George Bush Middle School are going to have to create an original product. We’ll have to design, title and… -Wait for it- … PROFESSIONALLY ADVERTISE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy!!!! One of the main reasons of my ecstasy is that I have AWESOME team members, including Ashley and Stella, two GREAT pals. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just been hit by a wave of unmodified ELATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >laughs gleefully<

You must be thinking, ‘Who is this nutty, twelve-year-old female and WHY does she get SUPER HAPPY about some stupid extra-credit venture??’ Well, I’m not sure I can answer your question, if that’s what your wondering right now, partially because I’M SO EXULTANT!!!!

The product that we’re advertising is a box of ultra nutritious corn flakes. The original name of the snack [which the rest of my team had named while I was at home on sick-leave] was “Cereality,” but as I didn’t exactly “get it,” [the name, I mean] I suggested the title I had in mind, “Cerealicious,” which was accepted readily enough by my team-mates. The ad goes like this:


Narrator [backstage]: Two mad scientists are working on a healthy breakfast option for kids around the globe.

Mad Scientist #1 [MS1]: I’m glad we’ve set our minds about this. To me, it seems like all the children of today eat for their morning meal is a slice of buttery toast that won’t even last the trip to school!!

Mad Scientist #2 [MS2]: I completely agree. It’s either a slice of bread or bowl of chocolaty gunk that does more bad than good!!

> Silence for a while. MS1 and MS2 stir up and add queer looking potion into a boiling cauldron<

MS1: Okay, a few more finishing touches…

MS2: …Should do the trick!!

MS1: A drop of this…

MS2: And a tinge of that…

MS1: and finally, we have…

MS2: …The secret ingredient!!

MS1: Voila! We’ve created cereal history!!

MS2: Yes, now hassled mums won’t have to waste so much time preparing a meal that no one eats.

MS1: >Tastes a spoon of the invention< YUM!! It’s so scrumptious!!

MS2:  Not only is this cereal delicious, it is VERY healthy, and contains a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but all in a limited proportion that is tailored to suit every child’s needs!!


MS1: Wait a minute, Arkbald. Just because we like it, doesn’t mean the general under-18 population of the world will prefer it over other cereals, too. So let’s hold a taste-test; we’ll invite children from different parts of the world; Okinawa, Syria, Israel, you name it; and they’ll be the judges.

MS2: Great idea, Osborne!!


Narrator: So the two crazy geniuses called in children from all the four corners of the world to attend their grand tasting occasion.

Australian kid to MS1: Its great, mate!!

Indian kid to MS2: Bahuth achcha hai, masterji!! [Translation: That was nice, sir!!]

American kid to MS1: Awesome, man!!

British kids to MS2: Lovely, absolutely lovely!!

Eskimo kids to MS1: >Flashes thums up<

MS1: It seems like our product is a hit!! This calls for celebration, our first success!!

MS2: You said it, to the pub!!

MS1: It’s time to PARTAY!!!


Rap artist: [That’s ME!!!] Oh, yeah it’s breakfast time; and we dunno how to rhyme; but that’s okay; as long as you get what we say; Cerealicious has got chocolate and cream; it’s so good you’ll wanna scream!!; With honey so sweet; But not a problem to your teeth; It’s yummy and delicious… [trails off]

Rest of the cast: COZ’ IT’S CEREALICIOUS!! Yeah, yeah CEREALITIOUS!! [Repeats 1,7,85 times]

Weird-kid-hose-name-I-haven’t-really-got-a-hang-off: It’s nutritious!!

See?? Wasn’t that THE greatest ad in the history of mankind?? I’M SO DELIGHTED!!!! A lot of my joy right now has got to do with my team members. They’re so AWESOME!!! We’ve got the best group EVER!!!!!! Here are some of the fantabulous members:

  1. 1.      Ashley and Stella, two of my really close pals, are part of the crew. That sentence kind of speaks for itself.
  2. 2.      We have James Write, the science nerd, as a part of our troupe. He’s the one to call up when you want to translate something from ordinary-person-language to scientist-speak.
  3. Jessica Hayes, the gadget guru of the grade, is one of the players. She provided us with excellent background music, and solved all of our technical problems with the help of Lou Aster, the school’s electrician.

Cool right?? Oh, and to top this perfectly perfect day, guess what happened?? I got a perfect score in my French Grammaire test and during Girl Guides…

I GOT ELECTED LEADER OF MY PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY, MY CHEEKS HURT FROM SMILING SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The vote was unanimous. I was so pleased that I personally thanked each and every Guide who voted for me [which was basically every girl…].

And to add to my bliss, I keep getting reminded about the karate exam which I topped and came away with THREE MORE gold medals to add to my stash. Not that I’m boasting or anything. How vain would that be?!??!

Ooh, I’m DELIRIOUS WITH JOY!!!!!!!!! Oops, Ashley is ringing me on the cordless. I wonder what’s up. Talk to you later, DeDe!! >Slams journal shut<

16.08.2013, Friday, 4:48 pm


I like to think of myself as brave. But I know that when it comes to nightphobia [the syndrome that forces you to be afraid of shadows and the dark for your whole life] I stand NO CHANCE of ever being cured.

Take yesterday, for instance. In the afternoon, mum had declared that it was time I moved back to my room [I had been sleeping with her while my chicken pox was in it’s initial stages]. I responded to that with complain after complain, but mum wouldn’t hear it. In the end, I had to give in. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?? My mother can be VERY obstinate when she wants to.

So, last night, I meekly scrubbed my teeth and allowed mum to “tuck me in” [just because I’m twelve doesn’t mean mum’s going to stop singing me to sleep. Yeah, fine, I’ll admit it; my mother hums a lullaby in order for me to fall asleep. Get over it already!!].

After her regular nightly ritual, mum waltzed away to her room, leaving me all alone, amidst a chamber filled-to-the-brim with lurking spirits and sinister secrets waiting to be uncovered… [Do I watch a lot of horror films or WHAT??] I tried to sleep, I really did, but to no avail. I couldn’t even gab the night away with Kathryn because she is ONE sleepy head and is dead to the world seconds after her head hits the pillow.

I spent the rest of the night in complete fright. I wanted to make a wild dash to the master bedroom across the hall, but I guess I chickened out. I tried to count sheep, and went on till 5,479 before realizing that this activity was pointless.

The only thing that comforted me was Feni’s presence. She has this motherly air around her that’s hard to ignore, and after a few attempts to snooze, I found myself lying down next to my dog, whispering my fears to her for all I was worth. I guess that’s how mu would’ve found me in the morning if not for the fact that I STILL couldn’t get myself to nap.

I ended up staying awake the whole night. While the rest of the family snoozed away to glory, I was having a deeply personal conversation with Feni [maybe it’s just me, but I think even SHE fell asleep in the middle of our little “chat”].

The ironic part is, at the crack of dawn, when the first sun rays filtered the violet sky, I found myself yawning. I picked myself up and crawled back to bed, where I promptly fell asleep. Just as you would expect, the moment I fell asleep, the whole household began buzzing with the excitement of the new day.

Mum started her morning routine of trying to coax me out of bed. When I wouldn’t budge, she stood upright and mumbled, ‘The way she’s refusing to wake up, one would think she was awake the whole night!!’

Story of my life. >Frowns<

15.08.2013, Thursday, 8:23 pm


Um… So yeah, I’m twelve now.

Wow, it seems like one moment I was an innocent infant of two and the next, I’m a not-so-naive kid of TWELVE. It’s all passed in the blink of an eye. Next thing you know, I’ll be workaholic forty two year-old with a pot-belly and a strange addiction to profit-and-loss charts. [Looks like we got a wee bit carried away there, huh??]

Okay, I have GOT to stop making such a big deal out of this. It is  a certified FACT that majority of the world’s population [as of today] have already crossed their twelfth birthday. If that’s the case, then why raise a hue and a cry about it??

And sure, I’m never going to be eleven again, yada, yada, yada, but so WHAT?? Kathryn is never going to be nine again!! But does she make a big deal out of it?? No, she doesn’t. [unless you consider having a get-together with close pals a big deal]

Today was fun. A bit awkward, but fun nevertheless. [Who DOESN’T feel uneasy when chatting up distant relatives on the cordless??] Grandpa and Grandma showed up in the morning, and after wishing me en number of times, we [the Skarr bunch] settled on the front porch while nibbling on light refreshments.

There was ONE new experience that took place today, and it wasn’t even mine. Grandpa had his FIRST pint of beer in a CAN. He’s had ale before, but never in those weird, metallic canisters. So, GOOD FOR HIM!!! >Smiley face<

Both my grandparents didn’t buy me actual presents, just handed me a wad of cash. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted, because no WAY am I interested in dark maxis and goth make-up [Let’s face it; I don’t exactly warm to the idea of make-up itself].

But what I DO want are the “big bucks” so if I don’t win a scholarship to Oxford [Touch wood!!! Touch wood!!!! Touch wood!!!!] for some reason [To be honest with you, they can’t afford me!! >winks<] I can turn to my bank account for a couple thousand coins that should do the trick.

Anyway, after all the canapes were wiped off the plate [It’s a new Guinness World record: 7.34 minutes to ingest three platefuls of snacks!!!], I proudly flaunted my [sorry, OUR {I have to share it with my little brat of a sister}] KindleFire, and  we spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the web and viewing Gene Kelly musicals on YouTube.

After lunch, I realized that my pox were itching so bad. I could’ve scratched my thigh off, really. So mu gave me this syrup and the next thing you know, I’ve slept the evening away!! [Pretty strong stuff, eh?] I have just woken up from a five-hour long nap, and I sure feel REJUVENATED and ready to take on a new day, but unfortunately, I have snoozed the day away, so I have to be satisfied with taking on a new night [which isn’t the same thing, but her, at least I can take on something!!].

Now I’m here, typing on dad’s laptop [the Fire isn’t really efficient when it comes to lengthy blog posts, though I HAVE downloaded the WordPress app], pouring my heart out to a [possible] complete stranger while stuffing myself with a Mars bar. Story of my life. >Groans to self<

Oops, my seventh cousin [tell me about it] has apparently rung up mum’s cell and wants to wish me a Happy Birthday. I haven’t met her for the past EIGHT years, but she still insists on talking to me. [Surprised I haven’t been interrupted earlier this post to converse with Feni’s seventeenth uncle {Feni is my dog, and boy, doesn’t she have a large brood!!}]

Thanks for listening, DeDe. Talk to you later!! [Yeah, I end up doing most of the talking, don’t I?? >Grins<]

15.08.2013, Thursday, 12:01 am


Surprise!!!!! It’s my birthday today!!!!!! Laalalalaa!!!


That was weird.

I am SO NOT the I-get-super-excited-when-it’s-my-birthday kind of gal.

But I guess you would seriously doubt it, considering how I’m hunched over dad’s Lenovo laptop typing furiously about it in the dead of the night. Sometimes, I worry about myself, I really do.

Anyway, I guess it would be appropriate for me to now state that I, Taylor Skarr, am officially a kid [scratch that; preteen] with twelve years of experience on Planet earth.

[Do I sound ancient or do sound ancient??]

Can you believe that my brain [and a couple more organs that I am too tired to specifically mention] has been tirelessly working for twelve years solid?? Day in and day out, not even one moment’s rest, toiling away to glory. That is one incredible feat. Let’s face it, we puny humans, can’t even labour for twelve hour straight.

Changing the topic -since I’m not sure that I can drone on about employment for the rest of the entry- I really hope my parent’s haven’t bothered themselves too much with presents and the like this time. I would guess they haven’t because I have been pestering them not to purchase anything for me [see considerate how I am?]. Then again, I always do. You see, when I achieve something that I am proud of, I make it very clear that I want everybody to pamper me and tell me how much they appreciate it. But I find it hardly a triumph to be BORN. I mean, I can assure you that every single pedestrian that passes your way has a birthday [duh!].



I’m beginning to sound like a sickly pessimist who can do nothing but pen down her negative views on just about everything in her virtual journal. Which I am not. You see, after much pondering, I have decided that what I really am is a realist. I see things the way they are.

The rest of my family, on the other hand, are optimists. I half think they imagine pink unicorns trotting on cotton-candy clouds and sugary rainbows, but I haven’t quite clarified that with them yet. [I’m lingering out of the topic again. Gosh, it’s like I have this weird disability which causes me to ramble about such absurd subjects that I end up forgetting what I’d originally wanted to write about!!]

Well, it’s bordering on 12:10 am right now. My eyes don’t feel like they can stay open for much longer. And I have a long walk back to my room. [Breaking into the computer’s abode is so not easy. I had to silently –so as to not wake up my snitch of a sister- slide open the French window, tip toe across the stoned path through the manicured lawns that were soggy with dew, crawl across the moonlit courtyard to the study; only to find out that the door was locked!! {Typical} I retraced my footsteps, and by the time I was in front of the imposing door for the second time that night, I was sneezing continuously. It’s a wonder my parents haven’t figured out my antics yet]

I guess I’d better be going. If my guardians hear the keyboard clicking at this time of night, they’re bound to think that it’s a burglar who is up to [naturally] no good.

Tata! [And don’t forget to secretly wish me a happy birthday, although I don’t think of aging as a great accomplishment. But you knew that, didn’t you??]