27.07.2013, Saturday, 9:27 am



1. Send “High Expectations” to publishers

2. Write [at least] five short stories  Write [at least] three more stories {I already wrote two!!}  N/A No need to write any more stories!! [I already wrote five!!]

3. Type at least twenty posts on your blogs [easy-peasy lemon squeezy!]  Type at least sixteen posts on your blogs [easy peasy lemon squeezy!] {I already typed out four [two on my other blog, two on this blog] including this one!!}  Type [only] ten more articles [including this one!!]

4. Boast of at least one article in the newspaper N/A One of my poems is already published in yesterdays Times!!!

5. Send something to Creature Companion [a national pet magazine. One of my articles have already been previewed there] N/A I already sent a newly typed article to Creature Companion last night and… [to know what happened after that, READ FURTHER!!]

You see?? Now all I have to do to FINISH this list once and for all is to type ten posts in… EIGHTEEN days!! Easy as pie. No kidding. Anyway, I’d like to let you know about ANOTHER blog I’ve created [you must be thinking why in the world I’d need so MANY blogs. Well, authors {professional or unprofessional] have quite a lot to write, that’s all I’m saying]. It’s URL is WoofDiaries.wordpress.com so do check it out. 

Anyway, as you probably know, my exam is tomorrow, and to be honest with you, I’m not quite that nervous. Sure, my stomach feels just a bit queasy every time I think about it, but I’ve trained my mind to just calm down and relax. What’s the worst that can happen??

And I’ve read this really cool book that let’s you in on the secret to success. I’m not sure whether its a 100% true, but I’m sure willing to try it out tomorrow [sorry, I can’t tell you the novels name or the tactic which I’ve learned… A thousand apologies!!]. So I guess I’ll just lie down all day today and maybe read the newest book I’ve dug out from the district library “TO SIR, WITH LOVE.” Tata for now, buddy,




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